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Energy Healing

Everything is made of energy. We live in a vibrational world.

Energy medicine and vibrational healing are based on the science of energy frequencies.


People, places, and things have different energy frequencies, some low, some high.

Some natural healing tools that have high energy frequencies when measured include

crystals, essential oils, herbal remedies, flower essences, and organic fruits and vegetables. 

These are energy tools from Mother Nature that heal and alter the energetic imprint

contained within our physical body. Energy healing follows the scientific fact that when an object of a lower frequency is placed near an object that has a higher frequency, the lower frequency doesn't have a choice but to rise to the higher frequency or vibration.

When we are vibrating at a higher frequency, we are less susceptible to disease,

depression, and other negative physical manifestations. This is why energy medicine is an effective holistic modality, healing the body, mind, and emotions.


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We have an auric field of our energy, as well as energy centers in

our bodies, known as chakras.

These energy fields can get blocked by trauma, emotional and physical; negative

thoughts; by lower vibrational environments; and fear. 


Energy healing sessions can assist with healing the source of the emotional or physical pain.

Energy sessions can also help to increase energy and improve sleep. 

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