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Welcome to Wildflower  Essences

We produce high-quality flower essences in small batches to 

maintain quality from our organic flower essence garden

and from flowers wildcrafted in Central California. 

Currently, we are featuring our

Cosmos Flower Essence














$25 for 1 oz. bottle of "Mother Essence"

(includes Priority shipping in U.S)

Join the Wildflower Collective and get it FREE!

Membership details below. 

These flower essences are "mother essences" and are not diluted. 

Directions for use: Four drops diluted in 4 oz. of water.

First time using flower essences? Read this blog post

The Cosmos flower engages our Inner Child and reminds

us to have a playful and creative approach to life.

Discover the magical world of healing with flowers.

Small batch. Limited supply of 100.

1 oz. bottles

Quantity discount. Please contact me via e-mail. 


Cosmos bottle.jpg

Channeled message  from the

Spirit of the   Cosmos flower

I am joyful. I am whimsical. I am Magic ... just like you.


I am Cosmos, they call me. Cosmos bipinnatus


I reach for the stars.


I reveal the intelligence of the cosmos.

As above, so below.


My essence is that of the lightness of being,

dancing and twirling in beautiful shades of pink.


I invite you to gaze, feel, and ingest the beauty and the light of the

stars at night in the sky.


My center is made of stars clustered together creating a sun.


I help you connect to a higher perspective and gain clarity

about your joy in this lifetime

through the will of the Solar Plexus chakra, the great Sun.


My essence strengthens and fortifies the grid of the Solar Plexus and your will,

allowing its light to radiate outward like my petals.


My essence connects the heart and the mind.

My essence works on an emotional level to lift the heaviness

from the heart chakra by working in resonance with the high heart.


I bring forth divine feminine energy for co-creating with Spirit

my darker pink flowers working in the area of the sacred womb or Sacral chakra.


My essence amplifies the feelings of joy, exuberance, and life force energy.

I assist if one feels scattered, stuck in a rut, or in a creative or energetic slump.


I stir the imagination and invigorate and stimulate the creative flow

to allow people to see beyond the constructs of the

third dimension into the energy of all things.


My essence works on a psycho-somatic level to release fears and doubts

that are trapped in the emotional body.


I clear the path for inspired creativity and expanded awareness,

providing life force energy needed to realize a creative project.


Bring back play into your life—the lightness of being.

You are a being of light.



Dance. Swirl. Twirl.


Join the Wildflower Collective

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