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Course begins Wednesday, June 24, 5 p.m. PST

LIVE on Zoom. All classes will be recorded and accessible for replay.


This 8-week multi-dimensional healing program focuses on harnessing the healing power of the divine feminine principle through the flower archetype and its sacred geometry. 





This program is for individuals who are engaged in their own healing process, as well as for therapists, counselors, and bodyworkers who become guides. This program is for those who want to awaken to their own evolution and for parents who want to have tools to raise conscious and healthy children. This program will show you how to the chakra flower system for diagnosis in a gentle, loving, effective, and long-term,

but also deep and transformational on all levels--

energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Through the lens of the chakra flower system, we can view the issues of the soul's journey on both an individual level and as a collective. 

This program combines the philosophies of enlightenment, embodiment, and integration

for awakening, wholeness, and expansion.

Discover your unique flower archetype that is waiting to BLOSSOM!

Flowers have long been used as expressions of care, love, compassion, and devotion.

This group coaching program is based on the heart's blueprint, which is the flower, and uses the archetype and essence of the flower as its inspiration and energy.

Flowers come in many beautiful shapes, colors, and sizes, and the flower is significant

to healing because the flower is the sacred geometry of the heart. 

The healing program focuses on the chakra system and working with their flower blueprint as tools for diagnosis and healing. This goes beyond the physical representation of the flower into its spiritual aspects and essence for healing.

We can view the complex problems of the soul's evolution through the chakra system and use this to identify the root issues of illness, physical pain, disease, emotional stress,

anxiety, and mental disorders.

This program integrates depth psychology, spirituality, and physicality

within one system.

Mind, body, and spirit are equally important to our wellbeing. 

This program represents the full spectrum of human vitality and is meant to help

restore and contribute to your divine potential.

Many people during this time are energetically drained

and depleted with anxiety, fear, loss, pain, and despair.

You may feel out of sync with the regenerative flow of source creative energy.

In the face of current events, it is natural to feel off-balance, unfocused, and disempowered.

Now is the time when creativity, surrender, release, and flow are what is needed most for the renewal of yourself and this planet.

Creative energy restores balance and contributes to the healing of the Earth.

In Flower of Life, an eight-week transformational healing program, you will take a journey into the healing frequencies of other dimensions to create balance, flow, and ease in your life.

You will restore your innate creative energy, which exists at the core of your being, your blueprint.

This life-force energy will be ignited within you through working with flowers and

the healing gifts of Gaia.

You will have the opportunity to participate in meditations, processes, energy attunements, and shamanic journeys, and learn evidence-based techniques and tools to help you connect and transmit the healing frequencies of multi-dimensions to expand your perception and awareness.

We are multi-dimensional beings, and this is represented in our chakra system, the energy centers in our body that provide information about the state of our wellbeing—

spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

The answers to our wellbeing and vitality lie at our foundation, our subtle body.

Our chakra system and auric field tell us that it is essential to have balance in our lives.

As we journey through the chakra flowers, the passage is an alchemical process that brings balance and united divine feminine and masculine, light and shadow, spirit and matter,

all in the container of the body and psyche.

Long-term healing happens when we understand the source of energy behind

the issue and take guided appropriate action so healing can occur.

It is not enough to just move energy. We must recognize the source/cause to allow for enlightenment, freedom and/or integration for wholeness.

The deepest healing occurs when we have an expanded consciousness, a courageous heart, a free spirit, and an embodied body.

This healing program and course will help you discover more about your Self as you

reclaim your body, your space, and your path.

By working through the chakra flower system, allowing each one to blossom while held in the nurturing arms of Gaia, you increase consciousness and awareness of Self as you become a spirit embodied.

This program focuses on grounding and conscious embodiment. When the mind isn’t connected to the body, we can be dreamy and empty, but capable of great journeys. When consciousness is connected to the body, however, then we have a healthy life force flow. The spirit is thus embodied, making it tangible and real.

Unfortunately, our life force energy that runs throughout our body can be affected by life issues, such as physical pain, childhood traumas, social programming, and oppressive environments or activities that separate us from our root, and from the liberating current of energy that originates at the base of our spine.

The free flow of energy can become blocked.

Difficulties from life can cause us to create coping strategies that can become chronic patterns that manifest as defense patterns that create restrictions in our body and blocks in our energy.

This chronic tension is known as body armor, which can affect our breathing, posture, metabolism, and emotional states. A block can grow over time if not addressed. This program will show you how to unblock the chakra system and the layers of the auric field, which requires addressing the problem on multiple levels.

The mind-over-matter philosophy disembodies us from our Mother Earth, and the very joy and power of being in a

physical body get negated. When we reject a part of our nature for another, then we are out of balance.

In this program, you will be invited to view the entire Cosmos like a shaman, as holographic in nature whose structure is a crystalline grid, and viewing every aspect of the natural world – a flower, the ocean, a bear, a bird, a star, a tree -- as a portal to our inner expansion and illumination. So within. So without.

A doorway to the All that Is.

Join us for this eight-week discovery process of the Self as you remember your divinity and allow wellbeing, happiness, and abundance.

You will release your creative energy, create balance, and restore harmony within and without.

You will practice intuitive energy healing techniques that will address underlying issues of illness.

The Power of Live Streaming Video

Every Wednesday, we will connect via Zoom and I will deliver LIVE teachings, interactive training sessions, experiential practices, and energy attunements

through live streaming video.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to an online classroom. 

You can connect via your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop.

Weekly Sessions Wednesdays at 5 p.m. PST

During this program you will discover:

- the transformational healing qualities of the flower, faerie, and elemental realms

how to work with them for healing and realization of the transformative power of your own creative energy;

- the meaning of chakra flower symbols and the dimensions of the Self;

- engage your inner child and reignite the sense of wonder;

- how to provide long-term healing auras and chakras from trauma;

- how to reclaim the temple of the body and learn from your shadow;

- the true meaning of grace and surrender to move more deeply into your true nature;

- a new understanding of yourself as you experience the grace of trusting

your own heart;

- the benefits of working with wildflowers for healing;

- the healers and the demons of the chakras and how this relates to our wellbeing;

- the language and behavior of energy and the frequency of color;

- how to move, transmute, and heal lower-vibrational energy 

(clairvoyantly, physically, energetically);

- how to heal with the elements;

- the use of flower energy to create clear, strong, and loving boundaries for yourself;

- the psychometry of flowers and how to give a flower reading;

- the sacred geometry of flowers and why this matters to heart-centered healing;

- the chakra flower archetypes and how to use flower essence therapy for attuning;

- the cosmology of flowers and how to use this information for healing;

- clairvoyant energy healing techniques using color light frequencies;

- techniques for increasing your light body as a way to avoid absorbing

the energy of clients, family members, etc.;

- how to be the Compassionate Witness when offering a healing for others;

- how you can change your physical reality through energetic journeying;

- how to deal with blocks, implants, and intrusions in the energy body;

- how to use flower images for healing.

you will receive:

- rainbow energy attunements;

- flower healing meditations;

- tools to work with your light body to achieve clarity;

- an online community of empathic, intuitive healers in a private

Facebook group where you can share experiences in a safe, loving environment;

- a student portal where all student resources can be accessed from one place

on various devices;

- tools to heal the divine feminine aspects and integrate with the divine masculine;

- supplemental materials and lessons via downloadable PDFs;

- live classes and question-and-answer sessions after lessons;

- tools for multi-dimensional healing for yourself and your clients.

you may experience:

- healing and growth on all levels--body, mind, soul throughout time and dimension;

- a marked increase in your intuitive abilities and clairvoyance;

- deep healing of the energy body;

- deep heart healing and release of past pain, hurts, and trauma;

- mastery over emotions and triumph over patterns and beliefs that are blocking you;

- a sense of increased joy, trust, peace, and faith;

- a deeper appreciation for the healing qualities of flowers and Gaia.

The program is appropriate for all levels of psychic development whether you are

beginning to explore intuitive healing or if you are a

practicing medium, channel, and/or healer.

The weekly topics of discovery:




Overview: Philosophy, Practice, Topics & Tools Referred to throughout the Course

Multi-dimensional Healing


The Spiritual Symbolism of the Lotus Flower - philosophies of healing with flowers
The Parts of the Flower & the Symbolism of the Bee
Goddess Iris: Discovering the Rainbow Bridge and Its Importance to Our Healing​
The Energy Body: Chakras, the Auric Field, and Our Grid Meditation

Your Multi-dimensional Self
The Psycho-Spiritual Realm and The Archetypes of the Chakras 
Our Consciousness & Our Shadow: Individuation, Integration (ref. Carl Jung)
Thoughts, Beliefs, and Emotions Patterns & Defenses as Energy
Mindfulness and Consciousness
Our Body Keeps the Score: Energy as Form
 Developmental Stages and Character Armor, Patterns, and Defenses
 Energy Anatomy, the Chakras, and Associated organs
 Walking Meditation

The Elements of the Chakras




Wildflowers: Hairy Vetch, Indian Paintbrush

• Healing with Gaia and the Iron Crystal Core of the Earth

• Healing with Chromotherapy and the Seven Rays

• Healing with the Seven Directions for the Root Chakra

• Healing with Crystals




Wildflowers: Nasturtium, Scarlet Pimpernel, Orange Bush Monkey Flower

• Working the Elements (2nd dimension) for healing

• Journeying with the Flower Faeries for healing

• Engaging Your Inner Child

• Somatic movement in nature for healing

• Emotional Work: Reclaiming the Right to Feel

• Duality and Polarity: Shadow Work (Light Work)




Wildflowers: California Poppy, Baker's Goldenfields​, Sweet Fennel, Hottentot Fig, Black Mustard, Bermuda Buttercup, Canyon Sunflower, Matilija Poppy

• The Soul's Journey: Individuation & the Ego Identity

• Self-esteem, Will, and personal power

• Healing and releasing cords with light and love

• Alignment and Manifestation




Wildflowers: Common Centaury, Italian Thistle

• Love and Compassion

• The Sacred Geometry of Flowers and its Importance to Heart-Centered Healing

• Balance between the mind and body

• Self-Acceptance and Self Love

• Breathwork, Griefwork & Forgiveness

• The Art of Relationship - Attachment versus Freedom

• Eros & Thanatos




Wildflowers: Western Blue-Eyed Grass, Blue Fiesta Flower, Blue Larkspur


• Non-violent communication techniques & Active Listening

• Toning, Chanting and Using Mantras

• Resonance and Healing with Sound and Music

• Automatic Writing and Voice Channeling

IMG_6295 2.JPG



Wildflowers: Lupine, Purple Nightshade

• Clairvoyant energy healing techniques to heal aura and chakras

• The Compassionate Witness in Healing

• The Vision Quest: Guided Visualization & Shamanic Trance Journeying for Healing

• Dreamtending

• Archetypes, Trickster Spirits, and Psycho-Spiritual Warfare




Wildflowers: Bigleaf Periwinkle, Radish, Common Salsify, Trailing Lantana

• The Macrocosm and the Microcosm and how we can learn from the patterns of nature for healing. Our Mother Earth shows us how to heal if we will look, listen, etc.

• Transcendence versus Attachment

• Meditation, Mindfulness and Consciousness

• Astroherbalism

• How to use your Rising, Moon, and Sun signs in choosing flower essences for your emotional wellbeing


Wendy Cooper is a multi-dimensional channel of healing energies of Gaia and the Cosmos. 

She is a clairvoyant energy healer, Reiki master, natural wellness educator,

soul-aligned manifestation coach, contemporary shaman, ecotherapist, 

somatic movement therapist, and fine artist.

Her healing protocols are heart-centered using the alchemical powers of the elements.

She made her way to this path through her discovery that she was an empath,

a quality of person that comprises less than two percent of the population

and who is able to feel the emotions and pain of others as if they were their own. ​

When managed properly, empathic abilities can be channeled in a way to assist others

with their own healing. It is from her experience as an empath and learning through this

quality that Wendy has found her path and is able to express her true nature as a holistic healer. She developed her own healing modality, Flower of Life, that incorporates 

channeled guidance; as well as her training in color therapy, Reiki, ThetaHealing,

somatic movement, and shamanic journeying.

Wendy practices and mentors Creatives in developing their intuitive abilities for mediumship and intuitive healing and spiritual business in all stages of development. 

She has been documenting and channeling the messages of wildflowers in Santa Barbara County for the last five years, an experience that led her to create this course.


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