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Flower Spirit Wellness   Reading & Healing


special price until December 31!

Duration: 1 hour

Private Session held via Zoom.

During this reading, I work with you to reveal light

in your energy body for

illumination and transformation.

I channel the high-frequency healing energy of the rainbow to

bring balance to the chakras and the auric field.

My healing modalities are heart-centered.

Our hearts have an electromagnetic field that is

60x greater than that of the brain.

We heal ourselves and others with our hearts,

which are attuned to love.

The heart's energetic blueprint is a flower. 

I see you as a unique flower with a signature energy.

Everything is made of energy. 

Your energetic blueprint was designed

to have particular experiences for expansion,

to express a particular gift,

and to create a specific vision. 

Your flower archetype reveals itself to me clairvoyantly.

I channel the spirit and essence of the flower

and its meaning for you.

The sacred geometry of the flower is significant

and holds meaning and information about your own design.

The reading provides insight on how to design

life that is heart-aligned.


Form follows function. 

I channel your sacred flower design.


I intuitively read the color frequency, energy,

and design of your unique flower, its essence, its geometry,

and how your light is expressed as I see it clairvoyantly.

The channeled message includes:

A flower that is beneficial for your

emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing at this time.

Other energy healing tools and a protocol that is particular to

your needs, which may include:



Somatic Movement Therapies

Plant Spirit Medicine

Herbal remedies










Flower Spirit Wellness Readings make great gifts!

For a limited time, I am offering a

Gift Certificate with

Flower Care Box


(Price includes Priority shipping in the U.S.)

Flower Care Gift Box Only $70 (includes shipping in U.S.)



"I had a flower reading by Wendy, and it was absolutely amazing!

She is so connected and was able to bring clarity around so many of the questions

that had been swirling around in my head for ages. I left the session with a greater

sense of purpose and direction, and feeling more empowered.

I highly recommend Wendy Cooper. She is PHENOMENAL!"


- Cheri Hayashi


The Flower Care Box includes:

Gift Certificate for a one-hour Flower Spirit Session

a selection of three flower teas

(choices include rose, cornflower, lavender, hibiscus, chamomile, hibiscus, and wildflower tea)

a jar of hand-crafted flower bath salts

a crystal

gifts from the beach and land

--could be a rock, some seashells, a leaf perhaps ...

in a beautiful gift box

tied with hand-dyed silk ribbon

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