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The Modern Priestess


for developing psychic-mediumship abilities

for Empaths, Lightworkers, and Healers

"The high priestess reveals that we need superconscious and awareness of the self before we can wholly engage in abundant relationships with others, which are embodied by the mother-goddess archetype."

Liz Dean, author of

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot




The Modern Priestess Program is a psychic-development and mediumistic healing training and coaching program for those who desire to align with their inner wisdom and “Spirit Self” or “Higher Self” and connect with their spirit guides for guidance from the Source of Love.


This program provides practices and tools to align your body, mind,

and soul for sustainable and grounded intuitive guidance.

The Modern Priestess Mentor Program was designed to develop your

psychic abilities and clair-senses in a natural, gentle manner by working

with your energy body and taking an intuitive healing journey

through the chakras.


We become more aware, more attuned to love when we

reveal what wants to be loved within us.

We do this by working with the chakras and the auric field to “clear” by revealing that which wants to be seen and/or healed. A balanced psychic-medium works from a place of love. This love begins with the love of the Self,

the inner, "higher" Self, which correlates to your energetic blueprint or design.


This program's multi-level approach to developing

psychic-mediumship abilities:

  • Practice mindfulness practices to assist with what I call the “monkey mind” to lessen loop thinking; mind focusing exercises to extend the connection to the spiritual realm for deeper messages;

  • Learn how to manage energy and emotions by setting energetic boundaries, connecting to Source, and grounding into Gaia;

  • Take intuitive journeys through the chakra system and the energy field to receive messages from Spirit for guidance on what wants to be seen, integrated, and/or released;

  • Receive energy attunements, breathing exercises, and meditations for chakra balance, revealing, and illumination;

  • Experience peer-to-peer coached practice for offering intuitive readings to others in small groups in weekly Zoom meetings. 

  • Receive a link to a online classroom for course materials and handouts that provide references, vocabulary and definitions, and in-depth information about the field of psychic-mediumship.

  • Practice is emphasized in this program. 

When we clear and reveal more light (high-vibrational energy) in our energy field and bring balance to

our lower and upper chakras (feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves), we naturally increase our intuition, clairvoyance, compassion for Self and others, and inner Light.

We tap into the wealth of wisdom and love that the spiritual realm and higher energy frequencies who are wanting to share these things with us.


We gain increased compassion in the comfort of knowing that we are supported and loved unconditionally

in the spiritual realm.


We can help ourselves and others through our authenticity

of alignment and clarity, creating joy resulting from

being ourselves, speaking our truth, and

acting from the Heart in a grounded, tangible way.

The relationships developed in this course with your spiritual team and with your peers are supportive as we operate from the frequency of love. Perspectives and lives are changed because the messages received provide clues, guidance, and stepping stones to highlight a path for you that

is divinely and spiritually guided. This program is more than a psychic development program--it is also a healing program designed to support you during your development to promote wellness and confidence.

This mentorship program is designed to help you develop your skills as a

professional intuitive artist if that is your goal.

You may be interested in various areas of the intuitive arts, such as psychic-mediumship,

multi-dimensional mediumship; or you may be an energy healer

who wants to strengthen your intuitive abilities to complement your healing.

The program is appropriate for all levels.

If you are new to multi-dimensional mediumship, read my blog article here.

Mediumship is an art form, a form of divination that provides comfort, healing,

connection, light, and, in some cases, closure. Through mediumship, we can help

ourselves and others cope with pain and receive guidance for our highest good.

The High Priestess turns inward for guidance and shows people back to the

light with love and compassion.

When practiced in the light, mediumship is a heart-centered practice.

This small-group coaching program allows you to practice giving intuitive readings 

in a confidential, loving environment with individual coaching that will help you

hone your abilities, build confidence in your delivery, develop a professional bedside manner, learn a professional protocol for offering intuitive readings to others; and develop your intuitive and multi-dimensional mediumship abilities in a way that is grounded and  aligned with the highest frequency of love.

Connecting to Spirit in our daily lives allows us to have a more

creative approach to life by developing our multi-dimensional awareness. 

Working with these energies opens us up to their rich wisdom.


 Group coaching and practice sessions will be held weekly on Zoom.

All live sessions will be recorded and available for replay.

Lessons that delve deeper into the topics of psychic-mediumship and clairvoyant healing will be provided to you via PDF and video in a private online

classroom in the Indigo Lotus School of Intuitive Arts that will house

all of the class materials. 

This 10-week program will be held on

Thursdays at 7 p.m. EST beginning April 15, 2021



Learn how to access and trust your own inner wisdom.


Develop a deeper relationship with your spirit guides by learning mind-focusing techniques to receive clearer and deeper messages from your Spirit Guides. 

Find the silence and peace that lies within, and reclaim

your heart temple.

Strengthen your intuition through the chakras. 

Learn how to unpack symbols received through clairvoyance. 

Learn to manage your energy 

in a way that is healthy and empowering. 

Learn the types of foreign energies in the chakras and auric field and how to deal/heal with them. 

Receive energy attunements and healing while developing your clair-senses. 

Increase your knowledge of spiritual archetypes.

Develop your own style of reading.

Feel safe and develop confidence and trust in the information

you are receiving from the spiritual realm.

Recieve valuable feedback and validation from peers.

Upgrade your Light Body in a way that minimizes bodily symptoms

from your development. 

Learn how to deal with emotions; the emotions of others and sensitive

information in a compassionate manner.

Learn clairvoyant healing techniques. 

Provide readings that are grounded, evidential, and healing.

Learn a system to increase your confidence level and

take the guesswork out of readings.

Develop a systematic protocol for your readings.

Learn how to help Earthbound Spirits and Wandering Souls.

Learn how to deal with "hauntings" and clearing spaces.

and more. 

A transformational experience that is holistic, personalized, fun, respectful, loving, ethical,

and experiential.

You will receive:

  • Weekly practice and coaching sessions with other mentees in the program via Zoom;

  • Weekly meditations and energy activations for developing your intuition in a gentle way;

  • Weekly lessons in a downloadable PDF or video format;

  • Recordings of all coached practice sessions;

  • Support for your growth and development within the group;

  • A confidential space of integrity and love.

  • Access to a private Facebook community with like-minded folks.

The weekly lessons:

Goddess of the universe. Beautiful model

Module 1

The High Priestess Archetype

The High Priestess is the goddess of intuition and deep inner knowing. This program was designed in the spirit of the High Priestess and the rich wisdom that she holds. This archetype believes in magic and revels in the mystery, listening to and trusting her heart. We will explore her wisdom through our meditation journeys. 

Half Full Moon

Module 2

How Mediumship Works

Mediumship is a journey of spiritual development. As we travel on our spiritual path revealing our light and strengthening our ability to see, sense, and feel the spiritual realm, we encounter expansion, followed by a period of rest. As we uncover the layers of our soul and reveal more of our own light, we ascend mentally, physically, and spiritually. You will be able to release, trust, allow and move into flow, and this is when we can move as one with Spirit. The High Priestess is a master at balance, honoring both the light and the dark, the times when we ebb and flow. She sees the love in them both. Shift your own perspective and dance with the cycles of your nature to enjoy the discovery, as well as the mystery, of your authentic self. Make room for magic.


Module 3

The Multi-dimensional Universe: The Energy Frequencies of the Nine Dimensions

We live in a multi-dimensional universe. Each dimension has a particular energy frequency with specific properties, just like each of our chakras holds a different energy frequency. You will learn about the dimensions and how to work with these energies for expansion and healing. Our universe is governed by natural laws. The foundation of mediumship is natural law. You will learn how to incorporate these laws into your mediumship practice.

Yoga meditation hands woman in yoga lotu

Module 4

The Self: The Chakras as our Portals to Intuition

The chakras are the primary energy centers or vortices in our bodies. These energy centers hold much information and energy, which clairvoyants can often see. The chakras are related to major organs in our bodies. Each chakra is a psychic center. Learn the difference between your spiritual and psychic self. Practice mind focusing tools that help you get more information from an intuitive reading. You will practice seeing and reading auras in this lesson. You will practice working with your higher self.


Module 5

The Everything: Energy Management for Empaths and Mediums

To be a clear channel for Spirit, we must be aware of the energy that we hold in and around our bodies.  Old or negative energy can cause blocks like static in our intuitive channels, our chakras. Our chakra health is proportional to our psychic and channeling abilities. Learn energy healing tools to clear and heal your chakras and your aura to improve your health, wellbeing, and your mediumship practice. You will practice techniques for psychic protection and preventing the absorption of energy from others. 

Fine art image. Stunning angel woman wal

Module 6

The Other: Types of Spirits and Entities and Interaction

Many types of spiritual energies exist. As a practicing medium, you may encounter this as you develop in your mediumship practice and/or you may see them around someone else. Acquaint with various spiritual beings, experience their loving energy attunements, and learn how these benevolent beings can provide guidance and healing.

Outdoor Meditation

Module 7

Connecting with Spirit 

Explore techniques to deepen your connection with your spirit guides. Spirit communicates to us in various ways, including symbols. Symbols contain rich information that you will learn how to unpack for deeper messages. You will be able to discern the difference between spirit communication and imagination and attune to receiving information from the spiritual realm on a deeper level.


Module 8

The One: Offering Evidential Readings to Others

When working in the light, we must consider ethics and best practices and energy management for offering mediumship readings to others. A few examples of best practices include setting energetic boundaries; delivering sensitive information with skill and compassion;  and what to do when you have an emotional sitter.  You will learn a process for what to do before, during, and after a reading to disconnect properly to avoid depleting your energy levels. 

Reiki Treatment

Module 9

Using Clairvoyance in Energy Healing

We will discuss how the frequencies of multi-dimensional mediumship and clairvoyance can be used for healing. Practice clairvoyant energy healing and channeling energy for healing.


Module 10

Nurturing Your Mediumship

Learn tools to nurture your mediumship after this course ends.

Begin the journey now.

The ten-week intensive small-group coaching program is only



(price include a 30-minute individual coaching session.)

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Payment Plans are available. Please contact me.

Comments from graduates of the program about their personal development:

"I have a renewed sense of open-heartedness"

"I have this sense of ever-renewing hope. I now know that I am supported by Spirit."

"I have a renewed relationship with myself and those with whom I interact."

"I feel more open due to sloughing off of dogma."

"I now see how I can design my life through intuition.

"I am increasingly at peace with who I am and where I am in life."

"I developed a close community of peers and friends."

"I feel freer from the old belief paradigms of dependence, subjugation, judgment and imperfection, hierarchy, and mistrust of the self."

"I developed confidence in relying on my intuition, which can be strengthened and clarified."

"I am better able to discern whether it's my intuition, my mind, or fantasy."

"I put in less effort to get more results by letting it flow. I now feel the flow."

"This program allowed me to have a more creative approach to life."

"I developed a Buddhist observing mind, and it now has a strong place in my consciousness."

"I am frequently and more able to get out of my own way."

"I was able to open the door for synchronicity and whimsy in my life."


Wendy Michelle is an empath and clairvoyant healer who uses her intuitive gifts to provide illumination for thosewanting to receive guidance from the spiritual realm that is aligned with love. 

She is a soul-aligned manifestation coach and spiritual mentor and teacher.

Her mission is to connect people to themselves, their own hearts, and their spiritual family, with a strong focus on connecting people back to Gaia, the Great, Goddess, the divine feminine

to achieve balance, joy, and wellbeing. 


"I enjoyed working with Wendy Cooper in developing my understanding of mediumship. I’ve taken a few workshops from her along with many readings. She is a very patient teacher and gives lots of individual attention. Her meditations are really fabulous. She has an ability to help open the student in being able to connect with angels, inter dimensionals, animals, past loved ones, and pretty much anything “beyond the veil” in the spirit of love or divine guidance."

- Kim Rice

"Wendy Cooper is an inspiration to me. She is not only an amazing healer, channel, and medium, but also a phenomenal teacher. She has an incredible teaching ability that made me feel so comfortable in class and confident enough to dive into the practices. Wendy had some subjects in the course that when starting I didn’t think I would be able to master. However, with Wendy’s guidance, I opened up even more gifts that I had previously not had the confidence to do. She is knowledgeable, thorough and so encouraging. Wendy is also the only medium that my mother came through to. Through that reading, I was able to heal some old wounds and finally, truly able to give love and forgiveness to my mother."

- Claire Frazee


”Wendy Cooper is an excellent mentor! Before I started the mentorship program, I prayed for Source to provide me with the best possible teacher for my spiritual growth, and the universe aligned to put Wendy into my life experience so that I could train to become a professional multi-dimensional medium. What’s nice about the mentorship is that Wendy is very professional and great at commanding her spiritual space, but she also makes mediumship so much less intimidating because in addition to being friendly, she is good at explaining abstract spiritual concepts. I have really added to my spiritual toolkit since I started the program because I can now perform readings with so much more confidence and skill.

Wendy is a natural lightworker, and I highly recommend the High Priestess Mediumship

Mentor Program."

-Gabi R.

I signed up for the program despite not really understanding what a medium was. I signed up because of Wendy. I met her at a two-hour seminar she hosted on intuition. Wendy is a highly gifted and patient teacher who perceives what each student needs and how they learn, both individually and in group work. Wendy’s fluid, easy writing style infuses the deep and sometimes complex topics with a vibrancy that keep drawing my eye further and further down the page. By far the most valuable experience so far has been the refinement to my own perceptions and understanding of myself. What I am reading and learning aligns perfectly with what I have sensed my entire life and haven’t known how to fully tune in to. A rather close second would be Wendy’s big-hearted joy and delightful propensity to laugh at herself which belies not only a highly-skilled light warrior, but a deeply multi-dimensional human. If you are looking for top-notch mediumship training look no further. Wendy is the genuine article.

-K. H. 

"I have taken several classes from Wendy, and I am still trying to find ways to take more. Wendy is a wealth of knowledge and so generous with that and her time. Wendy is a wonderful role model for this community. If you are thinking about growing your psychic abilities, the High Priestess Mentor Program is the one to take. I learned so much from Wendy as a mentor and our group as a whole. The one-on-one coaching was invaluable as well. This class will give you a great foundation to build on and help you grow your wings! I highly recommend it."

-Michelle S.

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