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A Little Angel Story

This story is little because it is a short story about a day in my life. I felt compelled to write about it because it restored my faith in the assistance that is available from the spiritual realm, in this case, I asked angels, to help me complete a simple, yet daunting task.

The task entailed locating a large box to ship an antique chair to New England from California. I sold the chair at a bargain and was hoping to spend under $100 for the packaging and shipping. To make the sale work, the buyer agreed to have it shipped via Greyhound to save money, but it was up to me to find a box and to take it to Greyhound. After looking online, I realized that finding a box the size of a chair was going to be a challenge. If I purchased a box online, it would cost me $100 just for having a box that size shipped to me. I didn't realize it was going to be so expensive--lesson in planning. It was up to me to find a box locally to fit the chair. Oh fun. This meant calling and searching stores that might have a box that size, such as furniture and appliance stores. This task could take a lot of time, of which I only had one day, my day off, to find a box and ship the chair.

I really needed some rest, and I was not looking forward to spending my entire day off searching for a box. I loaded up the chair into my car and headed for Santa Barbara, thirty minutes away to where the Greyhound station is. Since my search for boxes locally had failed, I decided to look in Santa Barbara for a box, and on my trip over the mountain, I decided to ask the angels for assistance. The task seemed so daunting to me, a very tired person who wanted a day off. Taking the advice from an article I had recently read about effective communication with angels, I decided to ask out loud in my car for assistance with finding a box for the chair. I set an intention for how I wanted my day to go. I stated out loud: "Dear Angels, I really need help finding a box for this chair. I would like to be able to find a box quickly so I can have a relaxing breakfast at a coffee shop (that was on my bucket list that made their own sourdough bread); then I would like to go for a massage; and then for a walk on the beach. Thank you so much for your help." I needed some time for restoration as I had been working so hard. I had chosen a couple of places to visit to find a chair--the logical places. First, I went to World Market. No luck. Then someone suggested I go to Ace Hardware down the street. No luck. Then, as I was driving deciding what I should do next, I released, and said out loud, "Dear Angels, I am releasing. Please take me to where I can find a box." I felt my mind and body releasing a little. Finding myself driving aimlessly, I was forced to take a left turn on a little street to be able to turn around. I had to follow a one-way street around the back of a block of buildings. As I turned behind the buildings, I saw a cute shop with a red awning. It was a locally-owned furniture store. I knew right when I saw it that this was the place I would find my box! I parked my car and walked up to the window and looked inside. The shop specialized in high-end furniture, a lot of which was very large. I just knew I would find my box here, and I was giddy. I was only 45 minutes into my hunt for the box. I walked inside the store, and after a few minutes, a man appeared from upstairs and asked if I needed some assistance. I told him what I needed, and he led me upstairs to a sea of boxes. After telling him the measurements of the chair, he pulled out the perfect box! I was thrilled and relieved beyond belief. I loaded the box into my car, and drove off. I needed somc breakfast so I decided to get a bite to eat before I went to Greyhound. I drove my car around the set of buildings, and, I couldn't believe it, but the bakery, D'Angelo's Bread, that was on my bucket list was on the same block! Jackpot! As I was driving to find a space to park for the bakery, I noticed that the massage place was also on the same block! Beautiful. So I went and had a delicious latté and homemade sourdough toast with homemade jam, followed by a blissful massage. Then I spent the rest of my day off at the beach.

And, yes, the chair made is safely to the buyer, I made a little cash, got some rest, and worried a lot less. And the man at the Greyhound station was extremely helpful.

I have learned to ask for help from the angels, my spirit guides, and the Ascended Master, outloud when I can, and to set intentions for how I want my day to go each day while creating with Spirit. Spirit always has something better in mind. Of course, there are much bigger issues in the world today, but no task is too small for your spirit guides. They are here to help and love being recognized and called upon. There are spirit guides who are available for different needs from small to large. This awareness has reduced my anxiety tremendously with the practices of release, meditation, action. Allow yourself to be guided. Co-create your life with the Universe, with your authentic self and what you desire.


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