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Manifesting with the Merkabah: Aligning Body, Mind and Soul

Happy New Year!

We are accustomed to celebrating a new year with the idea of manifesting new things--often a new life. The theme of manifestation is ubiquitous in the spiritual circles currently, and the information boils down to a couple of steps--knowing what it is that you want to create and asking yourself if the desire is in alignment with your higher self, or soul. (I help my clients determine this.) Then, you must imaging how the desired thing feels to have it. The more detailed and the longer you can stay in the feeling of it the more you are adjusting your energy frequency or vibration to the thing that is desired. Try to maintain this feeling for as long as you can (Abraham Hicks says to hold this feeling at least 17 seconds.) Try to do this more than once in a day. The key is being in alignment with your authentic self, your soul, while manifesting.

Since we are the ultimate creators of our lives, sometimes we can manifest things that aren't quite in alignment with our authentic or "higher" selves. This happens when we are basing our desires on things outside of us. When this happens, and we realize that we manifested something we no longer want, or have realized the harsh truth of why we manifested such a thing (perhaps to learn a lesson), we can just as easy dematerialize, and create something new. It is during this dematerialization and creation phase (which can be represented by the Tower card in the Tarot) is when we need to re-align with our authentic selves, our soul, our divine life purpose, and our mission. It is a time to go inward, your only source of truth, to find the answers.

This time "in between" is a perfect time to bring the symbol of the Merkabah into your meditation. The Merkabah is symbolized by two intersecting pyramids, or a star tetrahedron, a three-dimensional Star of David. Merkabah means "The Chariot" in Hebrew, and literally means Mer = Light; Ka = Spirit; Ba = Body. The Merkabah is a symbol of a portal between the third dimension and higher dimensions. It is the interdimensional vehicle of energy and light that the Ascended Masters use to connect to those who are on the path of ascension. "The Merkabah is a crystalline energy field that is comprised of specific sacred geometries that align the mind, body and soul." (

You can perform a Merkabah activation meditation (there are several on YouTube) in which you can activate the two interlocked pyramids to spin in opposite directions. This activation transports your spirit to a higher dimension so you can receive insight and manifest those desires which are in alignment with your highest self.

The Merkabah is associated with the pyramids of ancient Egypt, which have also been designated as portals to other dimensions, both lower and higher. When looking at the shape of a pyramid, the narrow side is pointed upwards to the sky, like a funnel. If you imagine yourself sitting inside a pyramidal shape during a meditation, it can literally feel like a portal. I imagine diving light coming from above and pouring into my crown chakra and throughout my body. This has a healing effect, as well as an activating effect. Then you can expand this to imagine yourself sitting inside a Merkabah shape. To activate the Merkabah, image it spinning around you--the two pyramids spinning in opposite directions. When spinning, the Merkabah resembles a UFA or space ship, which I find very interesting as this shape has also been in my waking consciousness.

On the card for the Chariot in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Tarot deck, Archangel Metatron, is depicted driving the chariot, and the symbol of the Merkabah is on the side of the chariot. When trying to manifest an idea, a concept or anything into three-dimensional form, work with Archangel Metatron during your meditation along with the Merkabah symbol. Archangel Metatron can guide you in making the best decisions to bring your idea into form in a way that benefits the highest good of all. The second part of manifesting by meditation is being open to the guidance that you receive. Spirit will talk to you in whispers at first, so pay attention to the little nudges and thoughts that come across while you are doing the dishes, for example, or while allowing your mind to wander. Walking is an easy form of meditation if you have too much energy to sit still, while trying to manifest quickly.

Using sacred geometry with crystals.

I also learned from The Crystal Architect that placing your crystals in a grid around you during meditation can help with healing and raising your vibration and the vibration of the space. Since I have been discussing the Merkabah, pyramid and triangle shapes, it is easy to bring these shapes into your meditation by placing, for example, three crystals in a triangular shape around you when you meditate.

This is just one of many ways to bring this symbol of manifestation into your life.

I wish you the best of everything that is true to your heart and soul in 2019. If you are interesting in personal intuitive coaching sessions, please see my Services page.

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