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Are you an empath?

Empaths are extremely sensitive to energy and the vibrational essences of people, places and things. Do you often feel overwhelmed in crowds? Does being around a lot of people leave you feeling exhausted? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with feelings and emotions out of nowhere? Do you have a sixth sense about people? You might be an empath.

Empaths are clairsentient, which means having the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of our normal five senses. Empaths also are empathetic (hence the name) to the emotions of others and also share in those emotions, which can be harmful if not recognized and managed correctly.

Most of the intuitive information that empaths receive is taken in through the solar plexus chakra, or the "gut" and the heart chakra. This "gift" is both a blessing and a curse. Well, it can be a curse if the empath is out of balance and unaware of his or her abilities, and, therefore, leads a life that doesn't nurture these abilities. If empaths can't tell the difference between their energy and that of someone's else's, problems can occur, ranging from co-dependent relationships to the empath becoming a total recluse due to unmanaged feelings. Empaths can also find themselves in the notorious empath-narcissist relationship. Empaths must be aware of "energy vampires," people who play on an empath's sensitivity and "suck" our energy from us. I was living in this cycle until I woke up one day with the help of some mentors.

Conversely, a healthy empath is a gift to others. Empaths are natural healers and channels due to our openness. Empaths may be gifted in other ways, such as clairvoyance, artistic ability, claircognizance, and other "clairs."

The mission of the empath is to help others and help make the world a better place. But it is imperative that we heal ourselves first. Hawayo Takata, the renowned teacher who brought Usui Reiki to the West, always told her students, "You are Number One! Then if you have time, treat your family and your friends; but in Reiki Healing, you first, then other people." For empaths to be able to use their gifts of intuition and healing for others, it is imperative, that we take care of ourselves first, maintaining a high vibration so we can assist in the healing of others. (Receive my document "22 Ways of Raising Your Vibration" here.)

We must practice being empowered empaths and take our gifts very seriously. We must take measures to protect our energy and vitality and not be pulled into the drama and problems of others. Of course, this requires that WE must be self-sufficient and independent. It all starts with number one.


Empaths can survive and thrive in jobs that involve creativity or healing or that involve working towards a purpose that benefits a noble cause. But in those types of jobs, it is imperative that empaths take measures to stay focused, maintain boundaries, and not be pulled into drama and negativity when working with others. If you are feeling the negative emotions of others, take those emotions and pull them up to your heart to see everything from a perspective of compassion for all involved. Walk away from situations that aren't serving your highest good. In our relationships, we must not take on the battles and pain of others. We can listen listen and offer suggestions, but never take on another person's battle as this is there for for their own growth. Empower and encourage. Never take on.


In our private lives, empaths must give themselves ample time to be alone to meditate, recharge, clear our auras through an energy healing practice and channel our abilities and sensitivities into hobbies, people and careers that are positive. It is necessary that empaths clear their auras frequently of energies they may have taken on during the day. Reiki healing and other types of energy healing modalities are excellent for clearing your aura and for healing. I can't stress enough the importance of an energy healing practice, especially if you have suffered from trauma, empath or not. I provide Reiki healing along with white light, crystal and color therapy healing.


There are several methods you can use to create an energetic boundary between you and others. (Of course, if you feel physically threatened in a situation, you should leave.) Wearing protective crystals, such as amethyst and black onyx are to wear as necklaces. The crystal emits a high frequency that extends from them and your body. In addition, when you sense that you are receiving negative emotions from other people, you can "return to sender" with love. There are other methods of creating energetic boundaries that I teach my clients.

Grounding is also very important for an empath. You can do this through grounding meditations, taking walks in nature, and hugging your pets.

Once I awakened to the importance of listening to my higher self and speaking up for myself, everything changed. I became an empowered empath who intends to operate with compassion and without blame, recognizing my own significance and gift to this world while recognizing the contributions of each and every one of us.

If you believe that you are an empath, I ask that you educate yourself on this special gift and begin your journey into finding your purpose.


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