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Facing the Dragon: The Soul's Fire

Channeled message:

You have been chosen to "face the dragon," as the saying goes, because it is that time in your journey. It is the climax, if you will, of a cycle, of learning to stand up for your values, your beliefs, your truth.

You can no longer hide as your Spirit has grown. Or, more correctly, you have grown into your Spirit! The dragon's fire is purification and transformation--alchemy. It helps us shed old belief systems and patterns. You are stepping into the you that is--the you that always has been.

Dragon energy is creative. It's the soul's fire. The dragon represents a magical energy, symbolizing our power to transmute and create with intention, imagination and purpose. Fire purifies, enlightens, and clarifies, revealing truth. Alchemical Transformation. Dragon energy requires us to find our voice.

Facing the dragon requires courage, strength, self-love, and strong boundaries. It requires us to honor ourselves and our values. Sometimes, facing the dragon requires us to take a risk. Sometimes it asks us to defend our values or stand up for ourselves if there is opposition. The dragon reminds us of who we are--its passion cannot be contained, instigating an awakening, perhaps a "tower moment" in an effort to re-align and balance the scales. The source of this energy is passionate love for ourselves and others. Sometimes you have to jump. But the dragon can fly.

But how to deal with the "enemy," which is our subconscious presenting itself in physical form to be recognized and healed for expansion of the heart. If everything is a projection of us, then we can look that dragon in the eye, and respond by saying, "I know you." You're ... fill in the blank. Send it (the person or situation) love. I didn't say it was easy. Focus on the creation of your vision, not the people who are trying to destroy it. Look the demon in the eye. You can tell them that you don't want to participate in things that do not honor yourself. What is the opposite?

When you must face an energy that feels bigger than you, you can call in a dragon spirit guide and embody the dragon energy. A dragon, although passionate, doesn't waste his fiery energy. This temperance teaches us to act from the heart when we are faced with challenges or opposition. Recognize the opposition without becoming it. The dragon observes before he unleashes his fire. The fire must be managed with skill. It must be unleashed as creative fire, not destructive in a way that is harmful to a person. It may be tempting to reflect, project or absorb the energy of the dragon, but we must harness the energy to transmute and create, versus to destroy. The destructive nature of the dragon, if managed well, refers more to the release of old patterns and beliefs. There will be a death and a rebirth, an awakening. This is the cycle of life as we grow and follow our path.

Dragon energy can be creative, and it can be destructive, similar to the energy of Shiva. Dragon energy teaches us to balance these opposite energies. You can't have one without the other.

Use this fire energy to create, but we may need to make room for what we are creating, so things or people may fall away during this creation process. Allow yourself to express and honor any emotions that arise for that which may exit. Honor yourself. Honor your truth. Use the energy to drive you forward. Sometimes the dragon just appears and drives you forward whether you are ready or not. The key to working with dragon energy is to release and surrender. Surrender to things you can't change, but don't change yourself in the process. Surrender to making a choice from the heart. You will be required to do so. Dragon energy is heart energy. It's fierce. Love wins.

Once the dragon is faced, a courageous act of the heart, we become the dragon--I am magical. I am fierce. I create my life with passion, love, joy, and integrity. I am pure. I am pure because my actions were in alignment with my truth. Honesty is pure because it is crystal clear.

Working with dragon energy:

When you become aware of a fiery passion inside you, or when you are faced with someone or something that is challenging your vision, your integrity or your authenticity, or when faced with a big decision that may shake things up a bit, it can be helpful to call in dragon energy. Dragon energy feels like a slow burn until released, but we must be careful avoid making rash decisions while experiencing this energy--we must take time to focus on and act from the heart. Avoid reacting from a place of fear. When channeled in this way, dragon energy is powerful and magical in its process. Water can master this energy, but too much water can put it out. Balance. Earth. Wind. Stay grounded. Go with the flow. Listen. Follow your heart. Create with intensity. Love.

In our bodies:

Notice the slow burn, the passion, feel what action is stirring inside of you. What is your heart trying to tell you? Focus on your heart, and address how you are feeling. What action is required to honor your values? your integrity? What do you you need to do to honor and take care of yourself and your emotional and creative needs?

Focus on your sacral and root chakras. Imagine a red lotus at the base of your spine and image it spinning clockwise. Imagine opening and closing the lotus. If energy feels stuck there, try spinning the lotus, spinning out any stuck energy. Ask if it has any messages for you. I am safe. Do this also with your sacral chakra, but imagine an orange lotus inside of you located below the naval. The sacral chakra is the center of creativity and passion. I create my experience. (by first imagining it and feeling it)

You can continue to do this exercise with each of the 7 major chakras going up the spine allowing for a kundalini experience (see chart at the end of this article).

The third eye chakra, located above and between your brow, is connected to dragon energy--creative insight. Become the observer before taking action. Become your third eye. The ever-present "I am." A seeing, which leads to knowing. Focus the fire energy like a laser beam to create the life you want. Imagine it. Feel it. Ask Spirit to assist. (I also ask for angels to assist in the transition that I know is coming to bring in gentleness and strength for a smooth transition).

Stay hydrated. Meditate. Breath. Fire Breathing. Yoga. Water. Balance the elements. Dragon is from the sky, it breathes fire and dives into the sea. Be sure to balance these energies by grounding with Gaia. Do grounding meditations. Walk barefoot on the grass. Spend time in nature. Grounding crystals such as red jasper or smoky quartz. Sandlewood essential oil in a diffuser or as a perfume.

When feeling a need to protect your space and vibration, you can imagine a boundary of fire around you. A boundary of this magnitude is only required when feeling bullied or verbally attacked. Otherwise, on a normal day walking around town or being in a public space, you can image a flower that marks the boundary of your energetic space. (I imagine a rose or a sunflower. It only allows love in and out.)

The dragon asks us to face our own dragons. These could be things like low self worth, not honoring ourselves, etc. The fire of the dragon shines light on these patterns, often unconscious, inherited patterns, and this enlightenment ushers in healing. The dragon asks us to look into the depths of our shadows to retrieve the parts of our souls we have left behind. The dragon energy urges us to integrate our bodies, minds, and soul no matter what because we realize the consequences if we do not--losing ourselves. Self-love first to honor all that is.

After the climax, a sense of peace is restored, and some melancholy is present. I honor that which is leaving and that which is coming in. Can I look now?

I am in alignment with Spirit when I act from my heart center, where the energies from Gaia and the energies of Mother Earth meet. Once here I am in a state of creation. When I am in alignment, everything flows. When my mind, body and soul are aligned--soul leading the way--I am allowing myself to express my authenticity, my purpose, my joy. I will keep you posted on what comes next.

When I allow this love to flow through me, I can channel it to myself and others for healing and expansion. This is the nature of a Lightworker. Everyone has been given the ability to do this.

With love, light and blessings.

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