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A Ritual for Aries Full Moon

A Ritual for Aries Full Moon Energy

The Aries full moon is full of passion. When this passionate energy is combined with the emotional energy of the moon, which represents healing, releasing, and flow, we can harness this energy to push our passions forward in a gentle, loving way. The water element of the moon tempers the fire element of Aries. The energy allows us to drive our passions forward without harm. We flow into our destiny, our passion, instead of pushing or striving to obtain it.

It is manifestation by the law of attraction. Instead of grasping, we release.

This energy asks us to release and surrender. It teaches us to release that which is out of our control and to surrender to our faith and our true selves. If things or people leave during this process, they are meant to. This full moon shows us what we must release in order to manifest our heart's desire. The eternal flame.

The full moon causes a stirring within our soul, and the fire energy of the Aries moon carries our desires forward on a flaming chariot. Changes will occur most definitely, but the loving watery moon will assist by allowing for a more gentle transition.

Fire and water are the elements of alchemy. Resisting this energy, not releasing your grasp on what you thought was supposed to be, will make this energy more difficult and could cause some painful growth. We must surrender and go with the flow, which calls for a tremendous amount of faith. Be in the present moment to be able to recognize the sign from Spirit, the synchronicities, and the soft whisper of your soul.

A ritual you can do around this full moon.

Flow. Feel how that feels in your body. Flow.

Breathe into this feeling of flow. Inhale through the nose, and exhale through your mouth. On the exhale release any tension in your body. You are strong. Set an intention to release resistance.

Write your intentions, things you want to release, and your passions on a sheet a paper. Light it, and let the ashes fall into water. You can do this near an ocean, a lake or just a bowl of water you set out in the moonlight.

Look at the moon and ask her for any messages. Show gratitude for her watery healing properties. Send her love from your heart. She will respond.

Passion. Desire. Manifestation.

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