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A Message and LightForce Attunement from the Aldebaran

Read and Receive Attunement:

Enter into the portal of peace. Let your divine will be known.

Acceptance. Surrender. Release.

The Dark Side of the Moon. The peaceful act of the observer. Holding space for the creator. Of the creator.

In my mind’s eye, I see you. I use my will to create you.

Thou art my light, says the creator to his creation.

I feel you in my heart.

What does your soul need? Feel it.

Crystal city. An outer manifestation of inner light. Reflecting light, sharing its light with us.

This is the energy of pure white light.

Knowing that the darkness supports it.

Connect with yourself.

High heart activation. Emerald. Crystal City.

Faith. Hope. Love. A Balance.

Offering a Lightforce Attunement so you can pass onto others. Through this message. If accepted.

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