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Heart Light Activation from Andromeda

"Come now, o children of light.

Gather around while we tell you a story.

It is time to retrieve those parts of yourself, your soul, that you have left behind.

Yes, it is good to always seek light, but some things you might have hidden from yourself and put them in your shadow, some integral parts of who YOU are, your soul’s blueprint, may have been discarded while you were trying to fit into someone else’s idea of you, a mold.

You were not created to fit into a mold. Your soul’s blueprint is unique and beautiful, designed by you, the Creator to fulfill a particular purpose. This is your gift.

You came to Earth to expand and to help raise the vibration, dear Lightworker, but this happens from within first. We see the human race constantly seeking outside of themselves for love, peace, acceptance when all of this needs to happen within first. By fully accepting yourself, you change the vibration of the world. It has a ripple effect.

Seek the first the kingdom of God that is within you. And you shall find the answers.

It is okay to shine your light into the darkness for there is nothing to fear. Think of it as a discovery process to get back to who you are. You don’t have to conform to survive. In fact, you came here to prove the opposite.

Rise up out of the slumber! Wake up! You have control over your life. You created your destiny. Why go against yourself, your nature, your flow, your joy? We see you popping back into your mental state to get answers. The secret of manifestation is attraction. Feel your bliss. The rest will come. Trust and faith are all that is needed. Be open to receiving the answers for your next steps. Your higher self knows. Ask her. Work with her. When you feel the fear rise in your heart, turn back to love. What is the fear telling you? It is usually things that are false, like “I am not worthy” or “not good enough.”

You are divine. You are beautiful. If you are not manifesting as quickly as you like, go inside. What needs more discovery? More allowing? More love? Love yourself and to thine own self be true. Divine Source wants the best for you. You can rid yourself of the voice that becomes like a punishing father or mother. Love yourself like you would your own child.

The Universe works under natural laws. Study how Mother Gaia works. Be in synchrony with these laws to manifest your destiny. When you are in alignment with Source, your heart, and with Gaia, this creates the highest good for all. You would never be asked to sacrifice yourself. Just release all that is not serving you. Tune back to your heart space. Operate from there. If your heart says yes, then you are supported.

Heart light activation.

Breathe in through your nose, out through your mouth and your heart. Feel your heart expand. Channel white divine light through your crown chakra. Breathe it out and let it out through your heart. Each time, let your heart open and expand more. The heart. The center. The knowing. The love signature.

With love,

The Andromedans"

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