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A Reflection on 11:11

As I sit here looking at 11:11, a question arises: Is it door #1, or door #2? But then I realize that door #1 is an "in" door to my heart, and door #2 is an "out" door to that expression. 11:11 is a gateway to our soul--it is a sign of remembering who we are.

I see the image of myself looking into a mirror, my reflection. I look into my eyes, and then I see her, my higher self, my soul, my heart. 11:11 is the portal to my heart. When we enter our hearts, we find peace, love and understanding--all the good stuff. But we also discover where we are not honoring, respecting, and loving ourselves fully. Go into door #1 and experience your heart, and then come out of door #2, and express that to the world. It's like a revolving door. The answers lie within us even though we sometimes need some help with uncovering all the layers we have accumulated and taking off the masks we wear. 11:11 is also a reminder of "As above, so below, as within, so without."

Go in through door #1 to your heart. Feel your heart, thank it. Feel the spark of divine love. Grow the spark into a flame through your breath. Breath in love and breath out love.

11:11 is the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. It is a symbol of divine grace where we can adjust and re-chart our course to love, the only truth. We come face to face with ourselves and see our truth, our divinity. As we look in the mirror at our reflection, and look into the eyes of our soul, we remember. On this day, look at yourself in the mirror and look into your beautiful eyes, and love her.

11:11 is when body, mind, soul, and expression are aligned. It is the expression of the authenticity of the soul. We recognize and feel our unique design, our soul's blueprint. We are all an outward expression of the divine. Extend this act of creation in our own lives.

Time stands still at 11:11. Honor this day with some silence to check in with your heart. Then come out of door #2 and express what your heart needs to express.

11:11 also represents a choice between two things. We can choose to move forward or backward. We are standing in the middle--the beginning and the end. Don't go in through the out door. We are given an opportunity through grace to uplevel our lives to one that is authentic, full of love, and a natural expression of joy.

What does it mean to love ourselves? Honor, respect, compassion, forgiveness, truth and acceptance. 11:11 is accessing our higher selves to see the bigger picture from a higher perspective, a perspective that honors your soul.

When we look at the numerology of 11:11, it is 1+1+1+1 = 4. Four represents stability. When we go inward and make decisions from our heart, the results are sustainable and stable.

Door #1 and door #2. The prize is me.

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