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Third Eye Activation with Taurus Full Moon

My spirit guides told me about a connection between the Taurus full moon, which is tonight, with the Eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology. I see the Eye of Horus, in this case, like the red star of Aldebaran, the eye of the bull in the Taurus constellation. This moon is protective, revitalizing and nurturing during the chaos that Mercury in retrograde may have caused.

Tonight, sit under the light of the moon, and look up at it's beautiful light and express gratitude for it's watery gentleness. Talk to the moon. Allow the moon goddess to penetrate your being, activating your third eye, your portal to universal wisdom. Bring your attention to the space in the middle of your forehead above your brow. After you stare at the moon, close your eyes, and visualize the full moon in the center of your forehead. Breathe into it, and allow it to become brighter and brighter. Open your eyes, bathe in the light of the moon, and allow her light to enter you into your crown and heart chakras, expanding the light with each breath. Feel the gentle embrace of the moonlight. The ever watchful eye of the moon, your subconscious, always there, receiving your wishes.

Feel your body releasing and allowing. The moon is bringing light to things that need your attention either to release or allow. Notice your feelings. Write them down. Read them out loud in the moonlight. The moon is a reflection of the sun's light. The moon allows us to work closely with our subconscious to bring awareness to what we are creating in our lives. This moon is very powerful for creation and manifestation due to the connection with the Eye of Horus, which represents both the sun and the moon.

Setting your intentions under this moon is powerful. They are acknowledged by the subconscious, the moon; activated by the red star of Aldebaran, fiery eye of the constellation of Taurus; and manifested into 3-D reality by this grounded earth sign.

Now as you take in the moonlight, feel in your body what you would love to manifest. If you would like to manifest more love, feel that in your body. If you would like to manifest more money, feel that in your body. Let these feelings and the moonlight flow through you.

And so it is.

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