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My Coyote Spirit Guide: Trickster and Keeper of Magic

My coyote spirit guide is making itself known again. He came to light again during a recent conversation I had. He showed up in my morning devotional during which I drew the Coyote card from the Mystical Shaman Oracle deck. The Coyote represents the trickster archetype and the magician. Trickster spirits appeared during this past Mercury retrograde, the Trickster (messenger) planet.

Let's look at this:

Trickster = Creation = Magic = Coyote = Sense of Humor = Shadow = Void

The Void = 0 = Beginning of Creation = The Zero Point = Aldebaran

Coyote energy is about the balance of wisdom of folly and play. This Spirit Guide has been with me consciously for about three years, the first encounter when I began studying Shamanic healing and plant spirit medicine.

Currently, one of the coyote's primary messages is to not take things too seriously. The coyote comes to me while I am in a place where I am feeling my way around in the dark, so to speak. The void is where all possibility for creation resides. This opportunity for creation requires faith and trust, and will--the will to create. The medicine of the coyote is laughter and joking.

Okay. So I will go see a funny movie, perhaps, laugh at myself, live in the present, and enjoy my life. Hmmm. Let's go a bit deeper.

In Animal Speak, Ted Andrews states “The coyote teaches the balance of wisdom and folly and how they both go hand in hand. The image of the wise fool has been used in the lore of many societies. This is the individual who seems to be a simpleton, and yet the words and actions have a much greater wisdom than is initially recognized. ... it may be time to step back, and with child-like eyes, look for the gifts or fragments of wisdom that have come out of these life experience."

Coyote encourages us to have a sense of humor and to simplify. Do things we enjoy doing. Lighten up!

The coyote is also known as the Trickster in many indigenous spiritual traditions and shamanism. It is revered as a keeper of magic due to its ability to shapeshift and adapt to survive. The Trickster is also a Jungian archetype, the one who questions, pushes boundaries, pokes fun at the overly serious, plays with the Laws of the Universe, and the wise fool. Of course, with everything, the shadow side of the trickster archetype come when the antics become self-sabotaging. This archetype reveals itself in times of transition, and synchronicities abound as part of the trickster magic, assisting us during times of revelation and genesis. I am shapeshifting in more than one way--physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually--alchemy.

The Trickster is also represented as the Fool in Tarot and as the Joker in modern-day playing cards.

The Trickster's lessons are ironic and homeopathic. The Trickster puts things right in front of us that we need to look at and review, not dismiss. It may come as an animal, it may come as a shadow, but ultimately the lesson is for your own personal healing and growth.

I developed an mini-course available via video that explores the topic in much depth and explores the mysteries and gifts of the Trickster Spirits. The course is $22. Purchase here:

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