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Embodying Balance and Personal Power

Channeled Message while working with my Lyran Spirit Guide--includes a Personal Power (Solor Plexus) Meditation and Energy Attunement


You are one with Source, yet you are sovereign in your own body. You are both light and dark. Yin and yang. Masculine and Feminine. Balance.

I am a lioness Lightworker.

When you are sovereign in your own beauty, owning it in whatever form it takes, then you are the Creator, the Created. All that is in your heart radiates. Your solar sun is activated, you awaken to your I AM. You are both one and a singular, manifestation of Source. Awaken. Bask in the sun. Sleep at night under the watchful moon.

Channel the golden white light of the Sun through your crown. Let it pour down through your body. Feel this as it happens, Watch it. You can feel it in your heart, going down, down. Then it swirls around your solar plexus activating that chakra energy center. Push this energy outward from your body. You can imagine it looking like a sunflower. Gently push this ball of sunflower energy outward until it is about arm's length away from you. This sunflower is an energy boundary marking your space, allowing only the vibration of love in and out from your space. Radiate light around you. You are surrounded by a bubble of beautiful, golden light. Breathe in. Exhale. Send the light on down through the rest of your body and down into the Earth for purification as it mixes with the beautiful green energy of Gaia. Now bring the energy of Gaia up through your body mixing with the golden light of the sun. Let it mix with the energy of your heart. Shine it outward from your heart.

You have a crown on the top of your head. Hold your head up high. Balance it. Become the witness, not the judge. The witness sees all. The witness is objective. Balancing and sending light where there needs to be light. This is grace. Unconditional Love. We have the ability to correct when we are out of alignment with this truth, this love. It is an opportunity to experience this grace. We respond to the awareness by sending ourselves love and knowing that we are deserving. The key is releasing the shackles of judgement of ourselves and others. We have sovereignty over ourselves. We are free—free to love, free to create, free to express. We are powerful. Your Solar Sun, your unique signature, is your work of art. Your Higher Sun Self. Shine. Own your divinity. You are free to be. Let the light within you crack open the protective shell you may have created, and bask in the joy of being you. Others can bask in your Sun as well.

The Sun is the Son. The Moon is the Daughter. The Creator accepts and loves both. There is no perception of light without the darkness. From these two, infinite possibilities arise. It all begins with 2.

The Lioness. A Balanced Being. She is the daughter of the Sun, but is ever-watchful and feminine as the moon.

I embody Balance.

And to it is.

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