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The Modern Shaman

Three mediums have told me that I have had former lives as a Shaman, medicine woman, witch, etc., and that I am to bring wisdom forward in this lifetime. This surely resonates, as my passion is nature-based healing and working with the Spirit world via my clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. I also like drum circles, noisemakers, and dancing. This is such a part of me that it doesn't need a label, but there is so much buzz around Shamanic healing, and it came up recently in a conversation with a friend who told me about a Shamanic healer she knows who, as part of his spiritual awakening, had taken a vow of poverty a few years back. I do not want to take a vow of poverty, as I do not see this as necessary in my current path. I have already reduced my life to one of extreme simplicity. This conversation brought to my consciousness that I had indeed taken a vow of poverty in a former lifetime, as well as the feeling of being an outcast due to my abilities. This stuff was being revealed for me to cleanse and heal.

I went into a deep meditation this morning to address this and ask about my purpose as a Shaman. Shiva, the great Hindu god of Creation, also known as The Great Destroyer appeared. He first said, "You are a goddess. Own it." (We all are.) He came to release these chords that I had brought with me. What a beautiful blue he is! He also has a sense of humor. He presented an indigo flame, and he told me that his flame was blue because it was it is the most powerful--the hottest. I stepped into the flame. He released chords from the past, as well as present ones and people, thoughts, things who are no longer serving me. He told me that boundaries should be established from the solar plexus so that my heart could soften. I then uttered statements of release about various things that were holding me back from fulfilling my full potential. He then took me on a journey, a Shamanic journey, if you will. I was presented with a pyramid with a golden top. (I have been working with Archangel Metatron and the Mer-Ka-Ba, and Archangel Metatron was a witness to all of this, as well as Ganesha.) I then found myself inside the pyramid, lit by a candle. I have been here before. I have always been connected to Egypt. I studied ancient Egyptian art in college. The movie The Sphinx was one of my favorite movies growing up. In a meditation about a year ago, I was taken to a former life in Egypt.

I found myself tracing my hand over all the carvings of symbols and hieroglyphics on the walls inside the pyramid. The symbol of the ankh has come up for me in meditation recently. I was then brought to an image of the was scepter, another Egyptian symbol. When I meditated on the ankh symbol, I saw the Shamanic rattle, and then Shiva told me that the rattle symbolized the rattle of the kundalini snake, or kundalini awakening. I then meditated on the was scepter. I was given my own scepter. It just landed in my hand. This makes me chuckle. This is my magic wand. Okay, so what do I do with it? He says that this is an objectification (because man does this so he can see it) of personal power. I then imagined something I wanted to create. I touched it with my magic wand, and gold sparkles came out of the end of it. The gold sparkles ignite and purify the object of desire before it comes to me. Shiva said to touch the object of desire with my magic wand wand when I want to manifest. I can also use it to banish something I do not want or transmute something. The staff of the magic wand is a conduit from the thing I want to me.

He told me I was the cosmic egg. I then was brought to a large wall inside the pyramid that had a blue egg surrounded by gold. He asked me what I wanted to create.

I want to create/be a part of a supportive, nurturing community where people can bring their stuff to the altar to be released so they can heal and realize their full potential without judgment or competition. I want to nurture the innate creativity that we all have. I want to assist with integration and wholeness through teaching about the archetypes. I want to bring people to the healing power of nature and Spirit. I see the divinity and potential in all of us. This is just the beginning. Amen. He said to focus on these things. I just looked at the clock, and it is 11:11, a numerology symbol for creation.

I am now brought back to the large wall with the blue egg, and I discover it is a door with a golden handle. I open it, and it is the Cosmos with stars. This represents infinite potential. "Place your star in the galaxy." So I took a star from my heart, and placed it into the blackness. This is the first star in my constellation. I can come back here and add to it whenever I want.

Our message to you: Focus on that which you want to create, not the opposite. Work from the higher states of consciousness, the higher dimensions. Be ever vigilant of of your thoughts because they create. If something comes up that doesn't resonate in your heart, realign to your truth, and re-focus on what you want. You are perfect. You are whole. You are love. This is truth. You can create things that do not align with this, but they are not sustainable because they are not truth. You are one of the stars in the Universe.

I am now led to pondering the notion of duality and oneness. It is beautiful that we are unique, yet we are one. That is rich.

And so it is.

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