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How to Meet & Work with Your Spirit Guides

How to Meet and Work with Your Spirit Guides

I have experienced spiritual wisdom through accessing my higher self, and my spirit guides who are ascended beings, archetypes, and avatars that are available to me for guidance, assistance, and inspiration.

Accessing the wisdom of a higher consciousness of joy and love helps us make choices that lead to more joyful lives. This path does require commitment, respect, gratitude, and love, just like with any healthy relationship. All we have to do is ask our spirit guides for assistance. It is necessary to ask for guidance since our Creator gave us free will or free choice. In it necessary for us to invite our spirit guides to assist due to the agreement of respecting boundaries and choice.

Accessing the spiritual realm is achieved via meditation, the first step of which is breathwork, as well as aligning with our hearts, Source, and Gaia, and maintaining a high energy frequency in our bodies, minds, and soul.

Spirit Guides have many forms and frequencies and come from various dimensions and spectrums of light energy. They can be seen as colors, be felt, be known, and/or seen as humanoid or in the form of animals. There are cosmic deities and beings who offer their assistance to lightworkers, as well as a host of earth spirits, such as faeries, the Elementals, and many other benevolent spirits.

Once you have obtained meditative state, ask your spirit guide to come forward. Scan the space around you. Notice any shifts in energy. Respectfully ask your spirit guide to come in front of you so you can see. Observe. What do you notice? Do you see anything in your mind's eye? How does the energy feel in your body? Do you hear anything? Go with the flow of where the meditation takes you. Ask the guide a question. Once finished with the meditation, thank the guide. Write down what you experienced. If you felt more than one energy, you can ask another guide to come forward with a message. What do you feel? What do you see, etc. Write it down. You can continue this process until you feel the session is finished.

You can ask your spirit guides for general guidance for the day, or ask them specific questions. For yes or no questions, you can ask for specific signs to indicate the answer. I ask for messages from love and for my highest good.

You could ask to be shown three blue chickens in the next three days, for example, for a “yes” to your question. I did this, and someone on Facebook posted an image with an illustration that had three blue chickens! The answer was “yes!”

Spirit Guides will speak to you in your language, but the messages can sometimes be subtle, coming in the forms of such things as lines in songs you hear, through numbers and messages from people, or an article you come across, etc. This requires a level of expectation, belief, intention, and also following your heart.

Working with the angelic realm and other spirit guides has made my life much easier during times of extreme transition, as well as in my day-to-day life.

After receiving guidance from your spirit team, thank them and show them gratitude and send them love in return. Continue to talk to them, and develop the relationship.

There are tarot and oracle decks that specialize in various energies, archetypes, and frequencies of light. If you feel called to work with oracle cards, the tools provide a great way to expand your spiritual vocabulary. They are also nice to include in a daily devotional time.

If you would like to work with your Spirit Guides on a deeper level to receive guidance on life issues and to strengthen your intuitive abilities then I invite you to explore the Mediumship Mentor Program Level 1, which begins February 1. For more information: go here:


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