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New Moon in Aquarius: New Perspectives

Written while working with an Arcturian spirit guide:

This New Moon in Aquarius is significant. It is ushering in a new era, and a shift in the paradigm. You may be feeling this moon in your external world, but also your internal, emotional body and physical body.

New Moon. New. Focus on the present. It feels good. It energizes the body to stay in the present moment with a conscious awareness of being focused in the heart center and the breath. Witnessing life with a present consciousness, a presence of breathe, a curious wonder. Releasing. Detaching.

The calm in the storm.

Affirmation: "I go with the flow."

How do we navigate when "going with the flow," I ask?

Your job is to maintain your frequency of love and non-resistance balanced with equal give-and-take and boundaries. Rise above. Look at things from a higher perspective. The highest and best good for all. Shifts. Balancing with the divine feminine aspects of empathy, unconditional love, protectiveness, and nurturing.

Yes, creative action could and should be taken if the flow inspires you, if the energy if there. Action (yang) should be balanced with Reflection and Meditation (Yin) for optimum results in healing and manifestation.

A friend reminded me of a technique channeled by Esther (Abraham) Hicks when it's time for us to take action towards a dream--job, relationship, etc.

A sense of overwhelm can occur. First breathe. Abraham Hicks said to make two columns on a piece of paper. On one side, write what you can do to make this dream happen, and then on the other side, write those items with which you are asking Spirit's assistance. Then release. Hicks also says that we do not need to worry about the "how," and to release that to Spirit as well. Okay. Done. My primary job is to stay in alignment with love, with my heart, imagine, visualize, feel, and act from that space. Follow the yellow brick road.

Before creating the list, meditate, align with your heart, Source, and Gaia, and create from that space.

You may have set many goals at the beginning of the year, and may have been clearing out a lot, and making changes. Stay focused on the newness--the revised dreams, the brightness of the path you want to follow, your light, and your vision.


It's a great time to do a vision board. I do this on my computer when I find pictures that match my vision and paste them into a Microsoft Word document. I love doing this. It helps me to discover what it is I really want and look at it visually. It is a step, in addition to writing about it, of putting energy into a three-dimensional form. It creates a third energy, which can be revised and built upon. It also helps me to focus my gaze, which is part of the practice of visualization and manifestation.

If you are in a rut, you can daydream, feel, imagine, and align to that which you want. Feeling is the secret as written by Neville Goddard in his book by the same title.


The Water Bearer. Our emotions and feelings are being held in a lovely container that we can peer into and see ourselves as reflections. When we look at our reflection in the water seeking truth and giving love, emotions may come to the surface and stare us in the face. These emotions are revealing truth in one form or the other. Release. Allow. You are a child of God. You wouldn't harm a child, would you? Loving yourself is allowing yourself to receive love. It's a two-way street. How do we receive love? Breathe and release tension in your body. Feel the breath, the love, the sun, the stars, the trees, and the love all around you. Connect to nature, and to Source, and you will feel it. Allow the energy to come in and envelope you, cleansing, and revitalizing you. Breathe. That is love.

A channeled message from the Arcturians with energy attunement:

Shift your focus onto the light. Align with it. Feel it in your heart.

Breathe through and into your heart.

Release all fears, all shame, all doubt.

Trust in all that is.

You are the key to your Universe.

We send love, blessings, and an energy attunement with this message for healing and groundedness during this time of change and landslides into a beautiful clear, blue ocean of possibility and newness. Come alive, my sweet friend. Slumber no more. There is so much to be seen, felt, and experienced why you are in your body. Revel in it. Be good to your body. Be good to your soul. Look at the stars. The Cosmos is near. We see you. We are sending you energy and admire you for your work. Peace be won, light warrior. Be valiant. Be brave. Don't fear shining your light. Own it. Push out a sunflower from your solar plexus. Breathe through your heart. See with your third eye. Connect to Source. Ground to Gaia. Trust. Feel the warm embrace of the light.


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