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All about Balance: As Above, So Below

©Wendy Cooper

Balance of our inner and outer worlds is key to our wellbeing.

As above, so below. What does this mean?

It has a few meanings. The energy you hold on the inside, in your energy body, which is the fundamental makeup of your physical body, mirrors, or is manifested, on the outside. On a global level--what we see above in the stars has meaning to us here on Earth. Every choice we make has an effect. This begins with our thoughts. When thoughts are not aligned with love--the heart, things can go wacky. If not regulated by mindfulness and self-regulating techniques, such as breathwork, the pause, meditation, and raising your energy frequency to see matters from a higher perspective, we can get out of balance.

Since everything in our Universe is made of something we refer to as "energy," then it is wise to learn about this phenomenon in order to manage our lives, our physical, emotional, and mental health, and our wellbeing.

Our bodies are energy centers with the capacity to create and destroy. Think of a spiral. One circle begets another circle. We are light. We reflect our Creator. You are a Creator. This is the energy of the Universe. We create our lives with the knowledge of the Natural Laws and via spiritual (and spiral) awareness.

What is energy? Energy is made up of electromagnetic waves of light that vibrate at different speeds, or frequencies, some of which can be seen with the naked eye and some which cannot. You can measure frequencies, or the wave cycles per second or Hertz of an electromagnetic wave. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibration or number of waves per second. If something possesses a high energy frequency, there are a high number of waves per second, thus it has a higher number of Hertz on the electromagnetic spectrum (see image below). Solid things, such as tables and chairs, have a lower energy frequency than things with a higher energy frequency like an ultraviolet wave or radiation waves. You can see in the chart below that the visible spectrum of light comprises a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We don't question the existence of air or an idea or emotion. They are real and have energy frequencies, but you can't see them with your physical eye.

When people refer to things as being "high vibe," they are referring to the energy frequency. Being "high vibe" is deemed as a good thing to be because it possesses much energy, but there are lower frequencies along the spectrum of electromagnetic light that ground the higher frequencies into the earth, into three-dimensional reality, things that our physical eye can see. Herein lies the balance.

This spectrum is reflected in our bodies in our chakra system. Our chakras are the energy centers in our bodies and each of the major seven chakras has a different energy frequency depending on it location and function in the body. For example, your root chakra is located at the base of your tailbone. The root chakra has a lower frequency than that of our crown chakra, for example, which is located at the top of your head. Our chakras have different purposes and functions and are associated with various emotional and mental states of being, body parts, and bodily functions. The root chakra energy center and its associated organs and bones are there to allow us to physically sit on the ground and to ground into the earth to feel safe, rooted, and to be able to take care of our physical bodies and provide ourselves with home and shelter. Conversely, our crown chakra is the portal to connection with the higher dimensions of love and light and it holds a higher frequency. When we discuss dimensions of light beyond the spectrum of what the physical eye can see, we must also work with the lower frequency (lower not equating to "negative" energy, which we will discuss below) of the first and second dimensions or Gaia, Mother Earth, energy that nurtures us, heals us, and shows us how to manifest our ideas (from Source God Creator) into reality. (When we discuss "negative" energies, we are speaking of negative thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that are not aligned with love. The human mind projects these things outward into a person's reality and if the mind is fearful, then this is projected back to him by attracting experiences of the same in outer reality. We can compare our existence to a hologram. A hologram reflects and projects light. We are fractals of light each having our own hologram of "reality."

As above, so below. Masculine (ideas, thoughts, action, will, air and fire energies) and Feminine (receptive, creative, intuition, imaginative, healing, water and earth elements). We need both of these to be in balance for wholeness and for positive movement and creation to occur in our lives and in the world. When we act locally within to heal our wounds, we affect the Universe. As above. So below. It's like that motto "Think globally, act locally."

Our chakras are also associated with the elements.

Root chakra - earth

Sacral - water

Solar Plexus - fire

Heart - water, air

Throat - ether (space)

Third Eye - Light

Crown - Thought

We feel the nine dimensions of the Universe in our chakras. The microcosm affects the macrocosm. The multi-frequency energies in our chakras reflect that of the nine dimensions. We are multi-dimensional beings, and this is reflected in our bodies. We need to balance the lower chakras with the higher chakras. Our chakras and our energy body, our aura, reflect our experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions/emotional states. If energies are present that are not resonant with a person's light, this dense energy can build up over time, which may create energetic blocks and imbalance in an individual's body and life and can manifest as physical and mental health issues, as well as difficulties manifesting a stable, joyful, and abundant life.

When we heal ourselves, we also heal the world. As within, so without.

We need the energy of the the Earth, Gaia, to survive. Everything goes back to the Mother in this space and time on Earth. We must work with this beautiful planet and her spirit Gaia to become unified in this dimension. We are expanding in this way. We are on a journey--a journey of souls.

As Lightworkers, we can be very connected to Spirit in our upper chakras, but have blocks or be ungrounded in our lower chakras. Many of us are carrying old wounds in our sacral chakra that we come from our own experience or inherited from our ancestors. We, as a Collective, both male and female energies, are carrying around the Wound of the Mother, the imbalance of the expression of the Divine Feminine in our culture. We must take measures to heal patterns, beliefs, and actions that do not consider the feminine values of intuitive guidance, heart-centered action, and empathy.

The problem--when we get out of alignment with love--occurs within ourselves if we are not being mindful and lead our lives with our minds instead of our hearts. When we don't consider the bigger picture and the highest good of all, if our thoughts and actions are not "minded" and balanced by our soul, the feminine--our hearts, the mind can become a "monkey mind," a devil that can spin out of control. This can happen if we are not grounded in this dimension into Mother Gaia and not connected to our higher selves, our intuition, our innate knowing, in balance with the higher frequencies of love from Source Creator.

To thrive and enjoy the bliss of being alive with senses and a way to express ourselves in the physical, we need balance of the heart, mind, and soul. When in alignment, we have taken measures to expand and become aware of our spiritual selves and connection; we have created space to heal our inner child and our Divine Feminine; we have spent time in our hearts for self-love, self-acknowledgment, and self-reflection; we have united our own inner divine feminine and divine masculine; and we have adjusted our frequency to that of love. We take care of our physical bodies. So within, so without.

When making any decision, go inside yourself. Spend some time taking a deep seat in your body, being fully present and sensing with your physical and clair-senses. Feel love in your heart. Think about something you love. When you are in the frequency of love and gratitude, ask yourself some questions. This should be your guiding light.

When we acknowledge ourselves, this creates space for creativity and balances us and prevents mis-guided action.

For this new year, you can set an intention to attract more balance into your life. Self-care must be balanced with giving. Exercise must be balanced with rest. Our diet should have a balance of protein, vegetables, and fruits.

Think of the shape of the pyramid. See it in your mind's eye. Bring the energy of the pyramid into your consciousness. Then bring it into your heart. Balance it with an upside down pyramid. Sit inside of it. You just created this image with the spark of your imagination and the clarity of your mind. Now feel into it. You just gave it energy. Love it. Now breathe into it, and spin the two pyramids into opposite directions from each other. What does that feel like in your body? You gave it life and action. This is how we manipulate energy--by our focus and intention, and our hearts. Then we follow our intuition of how to nurture it. And we take action with our bodies. We must not forget the body--the way we manifest here on Earth is through the body.

Balance in all things. Just think of the Yin/Yang symbol (pictured above), the marriage of light and dark, intuition and logic, imagination and reality, masculine (linear thinking) and feminine (creative thinking), day and night, death and birth, and the list goes on. Nature shows us how to live in balance if we follow her cycles and work with her elements of fire, earth, air, and water, that from which we were made.

Balance is the uniting of the divine masculine and feminine. This happens on a global level by allowing the energy of the divine feminine to be expressed through healing, imagination, intuition, emptiness, and nurturing the soul's desires. This balances out the opposite nature of the divine masculine, which when unbalanced is dictatorial, divisive, fearful, competitive, and reactionary. By bringing the divine masculine into balance by working with the divine feminine grace, empathy, unconditional love, and unity, we can heal the wounds of our womb, the center of the Divine Feminine or the Creatrix. She creates and destroys. Everything is created and returns through her. She is the portal by which Source creates. We can do the same.

We can learn so much from nature, as well as the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Oh what a Universe, a beautiful world we have been given!

My upcoming program A Dance with Gaia begins January 17th! I would love to have you join us on this journey of healing for ourselves and for the planet.

We will be working with the spirit of Gaia and her emissaries to heal our own wounds, as well as that of the collective. We will learn how to live and manifest with the natural laws and the cycles and elements of nature to bring balance into our lives. We will heal our emotional and mental bodies through a holistic approach to remove blocks to our awareness, consciousness, healing, and manifestation.

I have put my heart and soul into this program, which is a culmination of my studies in energy medicine, alchemy, folk herbalism, psycho-spiritual counseling, manifestation, magick, and multi-dimensional energies of love.

We will explore the healing aspects of Gaia and the dimensions, working to bring balance to ourselves and others. Balance brings peace, equanimity, and creates space for creativity, imagination, and manifestation.

To learn about the details of this eight-week light body illumination program A Dance with Gaia, follow this link:

I hope to see you!

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Wendy Michelle Cooper


Intuitive and Embodied Wellness

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