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Buddha's Lotus

I channeled this while in the energy of Buddha.

You are already that which you seek.

Go inside the petals of your lotus flower.

See inside your heart acknowledging its beauty and wonder.

It twinkles like the stars as you feel connected to the cosmos.

Feel your roots stretching and extending down into Mother Earth,

Trusting her loving essence. Feeling her take you in her arms.

Acknowledge her sustenance that she gives quietly and regularly day in. Day out.

Sink down into her loving embrace connecting to your divine Mother.

Receiving love. Allowing love. Trusting. Releasing.

She says, “You are a flower with five petals that allow you to move throughout the earth and to create.” See yourself as this beautiful flower as you receive the energy and abundance of Source. Open your petals to receive the light of the sun, of Source, allowing the water of the rain, your emotions to flow through you.

Open your petals, and shine, shine, shine!

Feel your core. Feel into your body. You are experiencing the miracle of life.

Feel the life-breath and blood coursing through you as you acknowledge your divinity, your expansiveness as you remember what you are.

Earth, fire, water, air, and ether. These elements are within you reflecting the world of which you are a part, as you vibrate to the whole.

Love. May I be of service to love.


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