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CLAIRAUDIENCE: How do you know if what you are hearing is from Spirit?

Clairaudience means "clear hearing." It is the ability to hear voices from the spiritual realm. A lot of people and my mediumship students often ask me about clairaudience–what it feels like, if it sounds like your own voice, how do I know if what I am hearing is from Spirit, etc.

I hear the voice of my Higher Self, as well as that of other spiritual guides with whom I work like Archangels and the Ascended Masters.

Often clairaudience sounds like my own voice. This is the voice of my Higher Self speaking from a higher dimension, a higher frequency of unconditional love. Who is closer to you than your Higher Self? Who knows you better than your Higher Self? Who is more aligned with your purpose and your mission than your Higher Self? No one. You are directly aligned with your Higher Self.

I can always tell that I am hearing the voice of wisdom from my Higher Self because it resonates with my heart–meaning that I feel it in my heart, and my heart is expanded. I hear this still, small voice very clearly, bringing clarity coming through my heart to the back of my mind through my mind's ear. It is not a mental process. The vibration is different. It feels like love without judgment, and it feels right, good, and it resonates with me.

This voice comes when I am relaxed in meditation, and I ask a question. This process is so helpful as I have a lot of questions. :-)

A key to this process is trusting the wisdom that I receive. I trust it when I can feel the love in my body. I'm not saying that doubt doesn't try to creep in from time to time, but when it does I realign to love by centering my energy in my heart. Then I can move into trust and then peace. I know when the guidance is true when it is aligned with love for myself, which in turn allows me to embody love and love others.

Since I have had many lifetimes, and what some people refer to as an "old soul," it is prudent to bring forth and listen to the wisdom that I have learned over many lifetimes here on Earth. If you are reading this, you may an old soul as well. My Higher Self is connected to a higher vibration that my physical reality, my physical body, here on Earth is not capable of maintaining 100% of the time because we never stop learning. I call this planet "Earth School."

I know when I am blocked meaning that I know when I have "writer's block," for example. You can clear your own mental blocks through the process of deep listening and allowing. I can clear my "writer's block" by coming into my heart and aligning to and feeling love, which moves me into joy and into the flow. I allow the flow of love, Spirit, to move through me, and the block is cleared, or transformed, transmuted. Then I grab my journal and begin to write. Writing is a great way to allow and feel the flow of love moving through you. It brings it into physical form. I can do this same process with other blocks as well. I refer to this process as "revealing." Breathing is also an important part of this process.

When I channel another spiritual beings, such as Ascended Masters or Archangels, the voice does sound slightly different in my head. When I voice channel, my voice can change. Oftentimes, my voice becomes deeper and slower or faster, depending on the energy I am channeling.

I love receiving wisdom from the Archangels, the faeries, flowers, and the Ascended Master, as well as my guide Merlin, also known as St. Germaine. The guidance always comes from an energy of unconditional love.

To develop and practice your clairaudience, get relaxed by doing some deep breathing, come into your heart, moving into a space of meditation, clearing the mind chatter, and then when you feel fully into your heart and feeling the love (your Spirit Guides can help you if you are having a particularly bad day), ask a question and be open to the guidance received. This is not an efforting process, but an allowing process. Sometimes the guidance comes more quickly than other times. Sometimes you might just need rest and silence.

If you begin to hear a voice deep within your being that sounds like yours, listen and allow the flow. You can feel this allowance in your body. Let your body, mind, and soul move into a state of surrendering, allowing, and receiving. If your heart feels expanded, this is your Higher Self speaking. This small, still voice does not originate from the thinking mind. Quieting the mind is necessary.

When I have a lot of thought energy, I move this energy down into my heart so it can be transmuted to love. This helps to clear my mind.

Using my clairaudience is so helpful for receiving guidance. I work with all of my clairs in different ways, but I love the clarity that hearing the voice of Spirit provides. This is the best guidance for you to follow, versus the guidance of your mind, which often originates from fear programming. When you are embodying love, leading from the heart, and shining your Light, you lead by example and can be a light for others. This prevents co-dependent relationships, creating of energetic chords, attachments, worry, projection, taking on the energy of others, and pain and judgment in human relationships. It promotes individuation, acceptance, self-love, unconditional love, and peace. The love is pure.

We have so much love because we are embodiment of love, and when we know and practice this, we become self-sufficient–a love generator that can heal ourselves, others, and the world. Again, this process does not require effort, but allowing, surrendering like the Pieta in art represents. It is beautiful, wise, and peaceful.

Practice sitting quietly with yourself each day, allowing, and listening. Nature is a great example of this surrendering to the flow. The trees move with the wind without resistance. Water moves downstream, and the Earth accepts and transmutes.

Feel the flow. Feel the movement. Be quiet, and the inner voice has space to enter through the heart to the back of your head.

Surrender. Love. Flow. Peace.

I offer individual psychic-mediumship coaching sessions via Zoom to develop your clair-senses. One-hour sessions are $144. Book five or more sessions, and the price is reduced to $100 per session. Five sessions, for example, is $500. Book 10 or more sessions, and the price is reduced to $80 per session. Payment must be received in advance. To book, contact me directly at

© Wendy Michelle Cooper. 2021. All rights reserved.


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