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Multi-dimensional Mediumship. What is it?

What is a multi-dimensional medium? First, mediums are those who can sense and see energy with their clair-senses, such as clairvoyance. They can commune with the spiritual realm, which includes a pantheon of energies from various dimensions of the universe. Some spiritualists and channels say that there are nine dimensions, and some say there are 12. I work with energies from nine dimensions. The various dimensions of our universe reflect the cycle and process of creation. Each of the dimensions holds a particular frequency of energy and can be felt in particular chakras in our bodies due to resonance. The principle of energetic resonance is magnetic in its effect. The energy that is emitted, whether the energy is emotional or otherwise, draws to it corresponding energies in the spiritual environment. The joining of similar energies creates a synergy that amplifies the energy in two individuals, for example, if we are speaking of a partnership, or in a group of individuals.

For example, dimension one, the core of the planet, can be felt in our first chakra, the root chakra. The second dimension, the realm of the fairies, the elementals, and other Gaia energies can be felt in our second chakra located below the naval, or the sacral chakra. These healing energies can assist with healing our energy body. We are multi-dimensional beings, and we can access our higher dimensional self in meditation for guidance.

Entities from other dimensions possess energy (light) frequencies that are beyond what the human eye can see in the electromagnetic spectrum of light. Mediums have developed their clair-senses and have worked on keeping their own frequency high to expand their consciousness and awareness to include these other frequencies of light. Not all mediums are multi-dimensional mediums. Some mediums only work with passed loved ones. Some mediums also see, work with, and channel archetypes/energies from other dimensions, such as the Ascended Masters (ie. Jesus and Buddha), the Archangels, Star Beings, faeries, Source, Gaia goddesses, and others. These energies all reflect the different dimensions from where they come. For example, the archangels work in the fifth through the seventh dimensions.

I see multi-dimensional energies with my clairvoyance. I also feel their energy in my body and can channel them for healing. I also hear them through my clairaudience. These benevolent beings are here to assist in our ascension and the reclaiming of our planet, restoring the sense of empathy in this dimension. Gaia and the divine feminine energies assist us with reclaiming the body temple. Different spirit guides show up to assist me with various things. Gaia and the divine feminine energy has helped me heal childhood and ancestral trauma. Star Beings have helped me with body pain and with energy attunements for clearing various chakras. Archangel Michael has helped me become a more empowered empath when I embody his energy. Archangels have protected and guided me when my life completely changed in one day. I felt them and knew that they were by my side.

When we open our awareness and trust in our divine mother Gaia, our divine father Spirit, and our own divinity, then we can live a life of purpose and align to our hearts, which aligns us to our highest good, which is the message of these interdimensional beings of light.

I encourage you to explore the world of Spirit, expand your consciousness, and reveal more of your lighbody by working with healing energies of light.

To strengthen your intuitive abilities and explore the world of mediumship, check out my High Priestess Mediumship program, which begins October 11. Follow this link to learn more, and to sign up:


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