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A Message to Empaths about Sleep from My Black Panther Spirit Animal

During a deep meditation last week, one of my spirit animals, the black panther, came to me with a very important message, which can be helpful to other empaths. Do you have problems sleeping? Do you wake up tired after sleeping? The black panther told me that the reason that I wake up tired every morning is that I was running around providing healing to people during my sleep. He said that in order to get some rest so that I can provide healing during the waking hours and to manifest clients for my healing business, I needed to ask my higher self and my spirit guides to help and allow me to sleep. The panther then said that he would protect me while I slept. I was amazed at this message and so very grateful. Since then, my sleep has greatly improved! I usually wake up around 3 or 4 a.m. every night, and it takes me a couple of hours to go back to sleep. I would always feel tired no matter how many hours I slept. Last night was the first night since I can remember that I did not wake up during the night! I feel so much better as I sit here writing this.

When the panther came to me during my meditation, I was focusing on my breath without having any expectations. I saw the panther and then I heard the messages. It was like a portal opened for me when I released and allowed. Releasing is so important in a meditation practice. If you do not currently have a meditation practice, I urge you to start one even if it's just 10 minutes a day. You can start by setting your timer when you first wake up in the morning when your brain is still in the alpha-theta state, and just sit and focus on your breathing. I recommend doing this day and night. Incorporating a regular meditation practice allows you to feel what your own frequency feel like, which helps you to know when something doesn't feel right to you or is out of alignment with you. This discretion helps you to make choices that are authentic and which honor you. When you honor yourself, this sends a positive signal to the Universe, and the Universe responds in a positive way. This is the portal to abundance. When you practice self care, this creates an high frequency energy signal that is emitted to the Universe, which creates the portal to abundance. Meditation is self care, pure and simple. Meditation also allows you to release any energy you have picked up from other people, places and things during the night and day (very important for empaths), and provides a portal of receiving messages from your higher self and from your spirit guides.

If you begin noticing a particular animal over and over in your waking life either in pictures or in reality, this could be a sign that it is your spirit animal, and that they wish to communicate with you. If you would like to discover your spirit animal, you can certainly ask in your meditation for your spirit animal to appear to you. You may have a spirit animal come to you in that meditation, or you may begin to see or connect with an animal in your waking life. There are many books that discuss spirit animals, and there is a plethora of information online about what specific spirit animals or totem animals represent. One book that I have and highly recommend is Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews.

If you would like to meet your spirit animals and spirit guides, book a mediumship reading with me. I would love to assist you with receiving messages from them.


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Oct 04, 2021

Thanks for poosting this

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