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The Value of Emotions

As humans, we have a built-in emotional system, which develops in various ways depending on a person’s experiences, opportunities, and choices.

As we get older, the goal is maturity, which has a lot to do with a person’s upbringing, guidance from parents ando/r mentors, and/or personal choice.

Mature human beings also experience emotions. Emotions hold much information if we are willing to hear their lessons.

We can become the Compassionate Witness to our emotions, while we step back from them to look at them through a compassionate lens. What does it look like? What does it need? What do YOU need?

We can reflect on what triggered the uncomfortable emotion, such as anger or sadness, feeling it without reacting or acting–practicing the pause–until a little time has passed. Breathe. Take a moment to separate from the emotion, and look at it. Send it love, and see what wisdom it has by asking the emotion what it wants.

Get into a calm, loving space, and be open to receive any guidance the emotion has to offer. You can ask it questions. Attune to love, loving yourself in this moment to see what is needed, what needs to be recognized, corrected, expressed, healed, revealed, integrated, or separated from.

Then give yourself what is needed. If you are feeling unworthy, for example, then you treat yourself as worthy by setting high standards and making healthier choices in your life because you value yourself.

If certain things make you angry, try to laugh the next time it occurs, and see what happens. You may also be attuned to injustices as many Empaths are so these individuals must be careful not to absorb the emotions of other people around them while they are “feeling” it with their fine-tuned antennae. As an Empath, you may have the ability to transmute these energies to love. This is an act of healing or realizing and resonating with your wholeness.

Next time, you have a strong emotion, such as jealousy, anger, sadness, take some time to take a look it. There are always more ways that we can love ourselves, and emotions are indicators in our journey where non-action or action needs to be taken, but we must take the time to determine what the action should be, one that is aligned with love. We can learn a lot from our triggers and our shadow, but we must see ourselves and others through a lens of love while doing this work.

What needs to be expressed within you?

I will be presenting methods of working with your emotions for mindfulness and wisdom in my course, A Dance with Gaia.

Registration is now open!

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