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Holistic Wellness Coaching

You are the Creator of Your Life.


Holistic Wellness Coaching for Body, Mind, and Soul

Do you want to consciously create your life?

Do you want to partner with your higher self to create a life that is joyful and fulfilling?


Life By Design is a holistic wellness one-on-one coaching program for positive transformation in all areas of your life.

My customized coaching protocol provides you with live weekly intuitive guidance; energy healing; practical tools; meditations; and training in soul-aligned manifestation to achieve a healthy, joyful, authentic, and fulfilling life with a purpose. 

You will consciously create your life learning to make love-centered decisions that lead to joy, abundance, and well-being

Flowering clover - red clover.jpg


holistic wellness coaching


This three-month program provides the training and development

that will assist you in obtaining the skills and knowledge needed to achieve specific personal or professional goals.

The coaching program’s foundations lie in energy science and a blend of various

psychological approaches, including self-help, personal growth, counseling, and neuro-linguistic programming.  The program includes evidence-based behavioral neuroscience, positive psychology, and mind-body practices.

As a qualified holistic coach, I help you build your confidence, clear your fear,

expand your perspective with new information, connect you to your existing skills and strengths, and help you build confidence and belief in yourself to achieve change with my support, accountability, and guidance. 

I tune in and attend to your needs, values, and beliefs from a client-centered,

whole-person, solution-focused, and heart-centered approach that

includes the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

I act as your sounding board and offer knowledge and tools, complementary therapies,

a wider perspective, support, resources, guidance, and accountability

measures to help you see your specific goals through to fruition.

By instilling the tools to recognize patterns of stress and discomfort within the mind, body, spirit, or emotion, you will learn valuable strategies to implement change from the inside out.  

I provide a safe space for sharing, a creative outlet for clarity, and a solid foundation of

science and structure to enable you to grow, believe in yourself and implement

healthy changes for a more balanced and satisfying quality of life.

I empower you to recognize your strengths and make your own decisions.

I provide you will self-awareness tools, techniques, and science-backed research to take charge of and create change in your own life. As a holistic coach, I address your concerns

on all levels of your being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

In this intensive program you will learn how to:

-    Clarify your current needs and values.
-    Increase self-awareness of your mindset and motivation.
-    Confront and overcome biological and mental barriers to success.
-    Be responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
-    Uncover outdated belief systems instilled by past conditioning.
-    Rewrite limiting beliefs into powerful beliefs that support your values.


















Wendy Michelle is a healing artist and holistic wellness coach who employs evidence-based energy healing methods for multi-dimensional healing.

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