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"My reading with Wendy was simply AMAZING! I had never met her before, and she knew things that she couldn't have possibly ever known. She has a very compassionate soul and made me feel comfortable right from the beginning even though we had never met in person. The information she shared with me was very spot on with my goals for the future as well as my current endeavors. She had so much information to share, but I never felt overwhelmed or overloaded because she was so organized and clear about how she chose to tell me everything. I like how prepared she was for the reading with notes so she wouldn't forget anything that came to her to share with me. I can't wait to do another reading with her again and felt that her prices were very reasonable."

— Kristen A. 

I had a session with Wendy recently and it was very in depth! Wendy is a gifted intuitive and medium. She picked up many things I currently do or have done during my personal meditation time that nobody else knows about meaning it was very evidential! So many confirmations of things I am doing or have going on in my life. She sensed many things that Spirit has presented me with. Wendy also provided several things I should do for more balance and centering in my life now. She touched on so many things that were true to my being. I would highly recommend a session with Wendy. She is extremely gifted. It was truly amazing!

— Leigh Ann C.


"Wendy has a great connection with Spirit, and when we connected for a live reading, I felt the powerful connection that we had together in the process. I was able to find a deeper understanding of the questions that I had and benefited from the healing that Wendy was able to provide. I"m excited to work with and collaborate with Wendy again and continue to achieve the personal goals that I have.

Thank you Wendy!"

Cynthia V.

August 2021

Wendy is truly an amazing mentor, medium, and simply a beautiful soul. Her individual sessions show how connected she is and always resonate with my life and where I’m seeking guidance. I’ve also attended several classes and about to begin my second series of workshops with her and the presented information is top-notch for any eager student. She designs each class so that every student has ample time to digest the information with time for questions and the group experience/practice is extremely beneficial to all types of learners and personalities. Can’t wait for this next series to begin! I highly recommend Wendy for individual mediumship as well as a mentor to anyone interested in growing their own skills and/or spiritual practice!

Buffy B.

March 2021


I had a session with Wendy I couldn't believe how she connected with me. She is very intuitive and was able to pick up on so many things in my life. She is a very beautiful kind soul and anyone would be very lucky to have her intuitively connect with them and get spiritual guidance. I would highly recommend a session with Wendy!

- Teresa G. 

March 2021


I have taken several courses and classes with Wendy Cooper and I have found her to be one of the best teachers I’ve ever encountered. Wendy’s knowledge presses the horizon and her clarity of vision illuminates all whom she works with. I have unraveled more about myself in the last six months working with Wendy than I had in years of therapy. I find myself looking with hope to the future and with joy in my role in it. 

Wendy doesn’t focus on herself or her own success but operates out of Love as the compassionate witness as she encourages and challenges her students and mentees to fully develop their own connection with Source and Gaia. Through her High Priestess Mediumship program, I discovered and developed my intuitive skills - I now work with archangels, ascended masters, elementals, and galactic beings as part of my daily practice. Wendy’s keen sense of Spirit, her innate and deep wisdom, and her healer’s heart is a deep and enduring blessing to all who work with her.

- Kevin H.

June 2020

My session with Wendy was one of the best I have ever had. She is fully connected to Source energy and gives practical, honest and clear information about what is most needed at the time. She gave me valuable insight in a wide variety of areas of life, and not only answering questions that I had but giving me clarity in areas that I didn't even know I needed, which was most helpful to me. She has a kind and loving demeanor which puts you right at ease and delivers the message with care. I highly recommend working with Wendy. In this world of so many choices, she is at the top of my list of people I would turn to for help and understanding.

- Lillian Rajkovich 

October 2019

Wendy is a gifted intuitive. I had a session with her, and I am blown away on all the things she picked up on that Spirit has been working with me on. Wendy also provides several layers and types of reading. She touched upon so many things that were deep and true to my being and things that were more recent for me to work on and look into. I would highly recommend a session with Wendy. She is extremely gifted and talented.

-April B.

December 2018

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