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Space Clearing & Healing
for your home, office or land

This service can be done remotely or in person.

Remote sessions are held via Zoom.

If you are inquiring about an in-person session,

please complete the information form by clicking here.

I employ Feng Shui and Reiki techniques and Shamanic healing to "clear" land, houses,

and spaces of stagnant and undesirable energy. 




Some examples of situations/spaces that may

require an energy clearing.

To clear and heal the energy of a home after a major life change

(ie. before the arrival of a child, a new housemate, or when someone departs)

When you are experiencing unexplained sounds or events

When you move into a new house

When you are trying to sell a house

If a traumatic event has occurred in a space or a piece of land

If you suspect you have a "ghost"

Please allow a one-hour time frame for remote clearings.


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